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  • If you do a health science or life science or whatever you have to do stats. :(

    Just overload and do biostats in sem 1
    I can see that this is probably one of the times where my curiosity has indeed, come back to bite me in the ass. I can also see that I've offended you, and I sincerely apologise for that, and I wish you the best of luck for your second UMAT attempt :D.
    And you told me that UNSW was out for you cause the transit time would be too long too lol. I would've added this one but for some reason I can't edit any Vm or posts atm...strange :\
    effy would be the only one i hang out with
    Vinh is going to usyd (hopefully) so like i would only hang with kiah if i went to unsw, all other bosers are grose

    okay bro, i probs wont do it though
    See, I don't know how that will work, but like, it's 2 years for a degree and I won't be effected by my low year 1 WAM as well.

    But also, I'm not a massive fan of UNSW. :cry:
    All the units you passed at USyd get changed into "completing" units at UNSW.
    So like I've got like a 64 average in advanced first year chem at USyd so I've "completed" first year higher chem at UNSW.

    There are no grades assigned so you have no WAM so it's like a clean slate.

    That's why I'm thinking of doing it, because my WAM is shit.
    aha, yeah for sure.

    Yeah, add me Dylan Amali (same dp pic).

    MSO is where it's at! haha, but BOS is still fun - more chilled :)

    Thanks again bro.
    Haha! you never know man,
    IMO focus on UMAT first, then GAMSAT.
    I went from a poor 50%ile to a borderline 80%ile.. haha!
    so decent jump even though I was still the cut-off with my improved mark.
    In the end of you manage to get an interview - if you do well in that, you should gain entry. =)

    Yeah UWS is really great in terms of transferring into UWS Med, but at the end of the day if you have the drive and determination you'll get in regardless.
    All the best, once again!
    Ever need any advice regarding Med entry - feel free to gimme a buzz.
    Thanks Ash!
    Really, really appreciate it.

    Your time will come, man!
    Just stay persistent and don't let up on your aspirations.

    I read somewhere your doing USYD Med Sci, what's the plans for this year - med wise?
    Re-do UMAT and try again?
    Yeah, if you're willing then just do the stuff that isn't history-y but not much of it will be useful. I guess.
    Well physics in sem 1 is mainly 4U mechanics and Thermodynamics (which is learned in first sem Chem as well so you don't really need any b/g phys knowledge).

    Well, you'll be fine then. 97 is really good, you probably only didn't go well in 4U because of your teacher, you had a shit day, or something. You'll be fine doing adv.
    Yeah, mid-credit, so I was cool with that with my lack of effort.
    I'll be fine. Things like this happen. I just have to get back into my learning-brain.

    Yeah, looks cool. You should be sah-week. You're taking a much better approach to this then I did last year. Haha
    I had no interest or drive and I just didn't care. And I should've swapped into regular for second semester because I had a bit of a rough year and I needed more of a break, but whatevs, it's over now. You'll probs do fine with them. :)
    Look, take 1001 and if you think you're ready, take 1902 in sem 2.
    But like, in second year you'll be doing BMED units anyways so you don't need advanced chem and if you decide to major in it you only need a credit in it (includes reg and adv) to do second year adv units.

    88 is fine. How'd you go in 3U?
    I got 79 (mainly because I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT in the exam and he guy below me got like the same mark as me but I wasn't going to do well regardless) and I got 70 and 71 in the first sem units with not that much effort (and I didn't apply for spesh cons for one of them and the other was mainly because it was like exactly 2 months since someone close died and I was feeling like absolute shit so I needed a resit). But sem 2 I did A LOT worse because of a bunch of shitty stupid mistakes in 1903 and for just not attending classes in 1905. I'd suggest 1005 for BMedSc. There's no point in doing adv.
    For the other units you'd have to do Physics or Psych. I only did physics because I'm doing engineering but I didn't do physics in HSC and I didn't study that much at all and I got 64, which is okay for no effort. So you might be okay with that. It depends on your major. Don't bother learning HSC physics. It's not helpful for first semester. My prelim was all I needed and I didn't know that well at all. For sem 2 I'm pretty sure you only need a tiny bit of prelim too.

    How good were you at 4U mechanics?

    If you didn't do chem I'd suggest doing MBLG1001, but as long as you study you should be fine with 1901, BUT the final exam for 1901 is unnecessarily difficult and there is barely any scaling so I'd suggest 1001.
    Also, the science units I did were: MATH1901, 1902, 1903, CHEM1901, 1902, MBLG1901, and PHYS1001.
    What degree are you taking?
    And like what units are you thinking about ATM?
    And what subs did you do in HS? (by this I actually mean "what are you interested in?")
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