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Recent content by crossmyheart

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    unsw email ???

    having same problem
  2. C

    Anyone going to COFA in 2006?

    got into digital media! woo anyone else here get into this?
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    UAC main-round offers; what'd you get?

    B DIGITAL MEDIA @ UNSW.. first preference fuck yes such a suprise
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    Standard English + UAI

    std eng: 81 uai: 88.05 i got two band 6s and still no 90 uai :(
  5. C

    Recalculating UAI

    shit, you got fucked over ha!
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    Advice for MDP - Graphics based projects

    60-folio, 40-project my advice: dont do a range of products, just focus on one medium and do a great job of it
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    Raw mark of x should give....?

    cityboy is now regretting not using historiography
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    How do you challenge internal marks?

    when they are released on the 11th that is... a website? if so, whats the address
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    How do you challenge internal marks?

    where do i find out these internal ranks?!?!?!?!
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    Advice for MDP - Graphics based projects

    I did a website and got nominated for powerhouse, so if you got any questions hit me up
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    Case study

    oh, true. sory bout that
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    Case study

    ?? WHAT without wings ?? 2004 Section IV Q27- managing global business Q28- methods of international bus. expansion
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    for ER....

    ban please
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    for ER....

    hey dude... from the syl. • types of employment contract — casual/part-time/flexible, permanent, casual
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    One scene of a movie???

    yes u were meant to refer to the themes and aspects of other scenes, ALTHOUGH specify one scene in particular