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    2020 HSC+ ATAR results discussion Thread

    Legit blocked NESA no jokes I can’t wake up to a text message with my hsc results for the whole ENTIRE year yeah noo way
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    HSC Chemistry SOLUTIONS / Thoughts / Predictions

    Guys the syllabus says only precipitation titrations. Do we need to know Mohrs, Volhard's and Fajans method? If not can someone please list all the important titrations?
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    While serving a custodial sentence, a murderer writes a book about her crime. She is not permitted to keep the money from the book sales. This means that a court has made an order for A. continued detention. B. the payment of a fine. C. the forfeiture of assets. D. participation in a...
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    16. D 17. A 18. B 19. B 20. B thats what I choose. Dun know if they all are right🤔
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    what was that Jordan MCQ the one where he set the building to fire? what kind of crime was that and what was Jordan's role?
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    Guys what's the difference between plea bargaining and charge negotiation? Also is self-defence a complete defence or partial?
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    HSC Advanced Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    absolutely hated that test 😭 a lot of questions just threw me off
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    I think the chances of an essay question solely based on the nature of crime is pretty slim as it is kind of like the foundation topic of crime. But you should DEFINATELY be studying it as a lot of MCQ's are from nature plus it is a good topic to draw essay arguments from for other complex essay...
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    HSC Legal Studies Predictions / Thoughts

    Do yall think domestic violence is gonna be one of the questions?? cause that's all I've done for family 😰