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  • Absolutely no reason to be jealous, nothing of what I've written can in any way be called good writing. It's more a sort of backbone around which I'll (hopefully) form my REAL major work. I'm so scared of showing it to my teacher because I know it's going to be ripped to shreds D= Oh well, that's the process we all have to go through >_<. I remember reading in one of the reflection statements of a story in the Showcase that the girl who wrote the piece had to take a long and painful battering to her ego whilst writing her work. But it paid off in the end!
    I'm sure you'll be able to sustain it! I'm sure it'll be really good :)
    What are you writing about?
    Blehhh, notes =(
    I've only gone ahead for chem. And not even that. I skipped all the titration stuff because I just couldn't be bothered >.<; Feeling pretty guilty about the others but oh well!
    We shall survive :D
    Oooh! New storyline, exciting! Yeah, I love it how with writing, you start off completely lost with no idea what to do and then suddenly you wake up one day and an idea just falls into your lap. Tis very cool :) Good luck with it!
    I'm doing short story style too. But more of a collection of short stories than one long one. I just don't have the concentration to be able to keep one going ><". I've done about 6000ish words, but the thing is that none of my stories have endings >>. I come near the end, and just leave them floundering because I don't know how to end them with that.. subtle bang ! that leaves a mark on the reader. Endings are hard D= And I have to do about 7 of them =="
    We actually haven't been given any holiday homework ^^
    But of course parents + HSC pressure means I've 'made' holiday homework for myself >>.
    But haven't done much of it; just bits and pieces here and there. And no maths =O!
    Oooh! You're doing EE2! ME TOO :D What type is yours, creative, critical, film?
    Hehe, thanks for the rep ^^
    I have the exact same thing with exam essays vs take home stuff lol.
    With mod and eco, I'm scared to do practice essays because I'm worried I won't write them well, but in exams I just write whatever comes to my head lol.
    How's year 12 going for you? :)
    Hey again Deer,

    Same with my holidays!
    I've been relaxing a lot and I love sleeping in XD
    Parties and get-togethers with family and relatives seem to be keeping me entertained atm.
    But yeah, gotta love Christmas feasts XD

    Need to start studying soon ><"

    Anyways, Haaappy Neeeww Yeeeaaar!
    Hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable holiday!

    Hehe, talk to you later.
    Take care always :)
    LOOL at comment below xD
    I love deers, hehe.

    Haven't spoken to you in a while :)
    I see that you've posted new artworks on your dA page from last time I spoke to you.

    How have your holidays been?
    Oh and, Adv is okay this year, belonging is a wank but no matter. What texts are you doing?
    EX1 is nice, the lecture was quite boring as we're not studying Plath and I've read godot before, i was just writing 'fuck' in my notebooks over and over. Anyway, EX1 is bliss, although 'Hiroshima' is quite boring we should be finished that quite soon, what about you?
    We seem to be in a similar situation. Creative pieces are so wonderful and playful, I've been tempted by the dark side...
    I've had a topic, abandoned a topic, repeat.
    So now I'm thinking I want to look at representations of insanity in post modern literature vs. modernist literature OR a satirical critique of literary theory, however thats been done before and apparently the markers dislike over ambitious critical responses. poo.

    I don't have a topic but i just want to star writing, it's stressing the hell out of me!
    Do you have topic areas your looking at? Or any interesting texts you've read? Some of the young writers pieces are really interesting, if you haven't already I would definitely recommend them!

    I have no idea where to go from this point :S
    Hi Deer
    I have conquering chemistry (4th edition) on cd. I can post it to you for $10+postage or you can pick up in Sydney for $10.

    Please let me know if you are interested.

    naw, our school didn't even offer ext. english if they did i'd be doing 12 units for prelim and most likely 14 for HSC again lol but with no legal studies because in year 10 i didn't want to pick legal but it was the only decent subject in the remaining line, would have went with modern history. Now, however i have grown to like legal and enjoy it and i'm doing well in it yet i want to drop it. :S :confusesd: GRRRRRRRRR I'm soooo messed up in the head!
    But yeah, ext. english sounds like fun :)

    haha beautiful little dot points like maths and chemistry? I like maths but it requires a lot of effort and time though. Yeah, i think i had a good mix of science/maths and humanities/english :) considering i wanted modern history but it clashed with chem and ext. eng wasn't offered.
    13 was manageable for me :)
    I want free periods, hence my desire to drop 2 units to 12 giving me seven free periods a fortnight.
    How is chem? I dropped biology after the first lesson of the year!

    I'm leaning towards dropping legal studies atm

    i'm doing A. eng, ext. maths I & II, chem, physics, eco, legal
    i came first in adv. eng, legal, economics (i'm a humanities person who wants a degree in science and then dentistry :lol:) and for:
    - maths 2u- top 4
    -maths ext. top 4
    physics - top 3
    chemistry-top 5

    I'm a very confused individual aren't i, probs go for an Arts/Science degree :)
    your teacher was nice. yeah it wasnt too bad, i don't sleep anyway so i would have been awake regardless. the whole day was so pretentious, everyone fancied themselves as the smartest person in the room! i was so disappointed in lunch
    oh yeah, i sat almost next to you. i was the one freaking everyone out by being loud and obnoxious. i did the half arsed speech on plath, which i finished at four that morning. i would have liked the opportunity to explore a text i loved in depth, i was going to do 'no exit' by sartre, but i didn't have time.
    it is a small world indeed!
    You said you liked Oscar Wilde, you weren't at that literary luncheon day at St Josephs were you?
    I dropped chemistry, thank god.
    I do four unit eng, modern hist, ext hist, society and culture, PDHPE.
    Pretty happy with all of them atm, relatively easy, writing based. I won't be saying that come term 3.
    Yeah, we're doing after the bomb as well, we're studying Catch 22, Waiting for Godot and Hiroshima. I haven't read any of showcase yet, I'll get around to it eventually. This major work may kill me. What other subjects do you do?
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