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  • haha yeh random add, i liked your deviant art page.
    Ohh mad, wow really that's pretty random haha, yeh linley's a pretty god drawer, and yeh i looked at your deviant art page, its got some pretty good stuff on there :D
    you go to smith's hill, thats selective aye?
    do you like it there?
    Hey, No problem :)
    I go to Jannali High, in the sutherland shire, 'cos no one seems to know where it is, lol
    what about you?
    Hey there, deer.

    You're the first person I know to be doing 4 Units of English.
    Also, your deviantart page is amazing.
    I really like the $20 McDonald's note.

    I would just like to ask (I am in Year 10, thinking about taking up English Ext. I)
    What do you do in English Extension I ?
    Is it easier / harder / more work than English Advanced?
    Do you have to read lots?

    Sorry for the blast of noob questions, but 4 units of English in your sig. really struck me.

    Any advice is much appreciated :)
    Thanks, Deer.
    wait a min, so you have to write 5000 words?!!!!!

    i hope your short story is going well!! how many words are you up to now????

    are you doing english. ext 1 or 2 next year????

    LOL!! i'm exactly the same!!! and i don't want to be disappointed so most of the time i just say my exams were alright... and just wait for my marks :)

    Did you stuff English up?? English adv or ext??

    I hope you get >90% Deer!!

    nooo my exams are officially over!! :D:D

    it feels soo goooddddddd!! freeeeeeeeeeee!!! ^^
    WOAHHHH!!! ok, ok too much work!!! what's involved in the English ext. vice voce??????? i wonder if i have to do one of those.......:SS

    thank you :) i hope all goes well!!

    yeh wow. that was definitely too much- 25 hours!!! YIKES! LOL! you do have it all planned out!! =D

    how did your exams go??? easy???? :D i'm definitely going to catch up on my sleep after the exams as well!! studying till 1AM??!! =OO that's intense!! i can't do that!! i'm already tired now!!! i wish i could stay up later like u!!

    haha awesome place!! i go every year :D

    i have msn! send me ur addy through pm and i'll add you :)
    hey Deer! i'm so sorry i haven't replied :( i've been so occupied with my work! it's never-ending! i have some half-yearly exams next week so i'm still very busy!

    ohh i love the blue mountains!! did you see the 3 sisters?! :DDD the blue mountains is one of my fave. places to go when i need to relax ^^

    you work heaps don't u?? like 15 hours??? =SSS that's crazy! how do u juggle all ur work!! how do u deal with all the stress?

    are you planning on working that much during the HSC?

    my holidays were horrible- was doing assessments =( haha well i went to the Easter Show and i saw 17 Again! :D
    I'm randomm
    LOL :'D
    Just wanted to say how AMAZING YOUR ART IS .
    SC!! =) bac in the dayyyy!!

    YAY!!! glad to hear your marks are going well!! :D

    same here, i'm happy with all my marks so far :)

    i really wanted the holidays to recharge but i have soo many assessments to do which is making it hard! hmph!

    if only they could be kind to actually give us a break from work :p
    but besides the work i'm pretty happy :) i am need of them like u. need to catch up on my sleep :) i'm really looking forward to that ^^

    anything fun planned for the hols?
    YAY! Hi Deer! :D
    haha i thought i would befriend u cos i haveeee seen u around on BOS many times!! especially since last year- when i joined :)

    how are you finding year 11?? excited about the holidays?!

    sunshinnee x
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