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  • Hello, how have you been? I forgot to personally thank you for the textbook you have given me. I am taking extremely good care of it.
    I didn't know you were the gentleman who said hi to me at the library on the day of the meet!
    Mostly once a week. I sometimes have one family having me twice a week - and I felt bad they have to fork out so much. I also urged their 2 boys to work harder, do their own reading up more, instead of relying entirely on me - so as not to waste so much of their parents' money. (I don't mind the money if they are the Packers). Once a month is too far apart. But then again there may be students who are already quite good, but want the occassional guidance and coaching.
    With private tutoring do people ever go to private tutors once a month? like just so they can catch up/understand some concepts?
    I know of Hua Mulan the Chinese heroine - but I just don't recall ever making any reference to her. Thank you anyway.
    Hey, I was wondering if you still offered 4U tutoring? What are your rates, and which area can you tutor? I live at Epping.
    They got the easiest 2 and 3unit papers in 11years and they still screwed it up XP
    oh I mean if you put it up on my profile page it will notify me, if you put it on your own page it wont..

    You can remove everything yourself, all you have to do is click the little tick box on the top right side of each post (next to report) and scroll down the page and then click on moderation tools --> delete --> proceed and you're done.
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