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    Mid Semester Breaks?

    Some do, some don't.
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    Is anyone going to UQ?

    Did UQ get flooded?
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    does ANU give out bonus points?

    According to UAC, ANU participates in the EAS (bonus points). However applications are now closed.
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    offers from harvard to ANU?

    You would definitely have a greater chance at being accepted into Harvard coming from ANU as opposed to some TAFE equivalent. However, I've never heard of any advantage over other Go8 universities. Link me to the thread you're referring to.
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    Confused which college to choose for ANU?

    Don't think you have a choice when it comes to student accommodation. Plenty of people who applied for halls / colleges last year got stuck in UniGardens and Carotel and barely anyone I've talked to got their first preference. If you get ANYTHING on campus (also Fenner) you are lucky as student...
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    Which Commerce Major??

    I'm majoring in Finance (and International Business). First year finance courses weren't too difficult, pretty much just a bunch of formulas to memorise. I've heard it gets quite a bit harder in later years though. With your mathematics grades you will be able to handle Finance just fine. Can't...
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    First year commerce.

    I obtained a D average for the year and put in nowhere near as much effort as high school. Depends on your courses really but generally first year Commerce / Business isn't all that hard. Management courses are an easy HD, I recommend doing a couple of those if you want to bring your grades up a...
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    Confused which college to choose for ANU?

    Nice work I'm sure many potential ANU students will appreciate this. I can offer extra feedback on UniLodge if needed.
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    Questions regarding with EAS (Educational Access Scheme)

    You will still be able to attend UWS.
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    How old will you be when you graduate from uni?

    21, unless I decide to do honours / postgrad.
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    can u get a csp for a masters

    I can't see why you wouldn't be able to get csp...atleast I haven't heard of any changes and I was always under the impression that you could. HECS payments are based on your income so it all depends on how much you plan on earning.
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    why do fobby asians wear contact lenses twice the size of their eyes?

    To make their eyes look bigger so they look like anime characters...DUH!
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    Uni lodge........advice please

    It must have been pretty fast before because it's not all that bad now lol.
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    Uni lodge........advice please

    I moved into Davey Lodge yesterday and so far it has been great. I am the first of three to move in, the place was spotless everything was clean. Oh and the internet is $2 / week and is UNLIMITED which I thought was pretty cool.