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    Have you ever won anything?

    I won one of the iPod Nanos from UNSW Info Day: ;D
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    Japanese Studies....

    Don't worry if you end up going alone, uni is a place to meet new people anyways :)
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    2010 enrolment: what day are you going?

    Tomorrow! Do we have to pay our student contribution on enrolment day?
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    BOS USYD Roll Call 2010

    You can do that? I heard you couldn't combine two disciplines? T,T
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    Walking from Redfern Station

    Yeah, maybe. I remember last time I got there by following someone but couldn't remember what the street name was. :(
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    Walking from Redfern Station

    Orly? D: I haven't heard of this shortcut D;
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    Paying for uni? HECS vs Upfront payment

    Oooh neat! Thanks :) +rep
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    Walking from Redfern Station

    Redfern Station, New South Wales, Australia to The University Of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Google Maps Ignore the blue line. As long as you make the right turn at Codrington Street and walk a few metres in that direction you should get there fine. If in doubt just follow people...
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    Paying for uni? HECS vs Upfront payment

    Under what circumstances do you get the 10% and 20% discounts? I'm a little confused about this :(
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    Tax file number.

    I'd say just call ATO on Monday :)
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    Tax file number.

    If you've applied for your TFN a few weeks ago then don't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Just call them and ask for it :P A friend of mine received hers this way when she really needed her TFN to avoid the horrible witholding tax ;-;
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    what is the earliest you have had to start uni?

    @ bio_nut Wow, maths in the morning. That's gotta suck </3
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    Japanese Beginners

    Oh you went to OHS? ^-^ Me too! I thought the exam was better than last years. My teacher sent me the listenining part for last years exam for practice and I was like WTF they talk SO FAST!! Luckily this year it wasn't like that. :3
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    stickers on calculator

    Oh noes! I wrote my name on it! x(
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    What will you do with your school stuff?

    Buuuuurrrrrrrrn! Burn it with fire!