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  1. huangker

    Double degrees and accounting cadetships

    My mate is on a comm/law degree on a cadetship with EY. Its going to take him 6 years. He started a normal comm/law degree. EY came to do a presentation etc at uni. So he started the process in first uni. He studied full time in 1st year. He will work full time and study part time 2nd and 3rd...
  2. huangker

    Finance or Econometrics Major

    The impression Im getting is that I should get a finance major because if the banks want quantative guys, they will stick with grads with maths, stats, engineering degrees etc. Also M&A is not very quantative and I won't need modelling etc to do it. The quantative modelling etc is utlized by...
  3. huangker

    Major choice.

    No university degree will teach you how to become a successful businessman. From what I have read, the strongest factor in determining if someone will be an entrepreneur is if their parents owned a business. If you look at some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time, a lot them never even...
  4. huangker

    Custom PC vendors Alienware, Voodoo PC

    Has anyone every ordered from vendors like Alienware or VoodooPC? Are they any good? What are you paying a premium for? It seems to me like they only thing they do is an extra paintjob.
  5. huangker

    qmb final

    Well too bad it is. Its just subing stats into formulas. Loved the "which of the assumptions of simple regression was CLEARLY violated"
  6. huangker


    2b is consolidation? Ive heard my mates complain about it. Dosent it have the highest fail rate for all accounting subjects?
  7. huangker

    Finance or Econometrics Major

    When I talk to grads who work at banks and HR representatives, they mention they like Com/Law students
  8. huangker

    Best GPS school

    Ahhh yes the male ego at its best. Considering you dont have to pay for High, its top notch public education. But then again, some parents pay 20k a year so their can socialize with other kids who have parents willing to do the same.
  9. huangker

    selective schools for my sister? help me

    Come to think of it, reputation is not so important either. Best thing to do is actually goto the school and find out a bit about their school culture and see how it fits your sister's personality.
  10. huangker

    selective schools for my sister? help me

    How far away your high school is important. I used to live in the eastern suburbs and went to James Ruse. I travelled for five hours everyday. I was always tired.
  11. huangker

    after 7-8yrs they still care about your uni marks?

    I would have thought they get over your uni marks/degree once u start working. Maybe they are refering to post grad study?
  12. huangker

    vac work

    In anycase $26 ph is good pay for uni student. BTW has anyone worked at EY for vac work and been taken to the Blue Mountains for training? What could you possibly do down there?
  13. huangker

    Finance or Econometrics Major

    Law is more branding than substance. Also, accounting and law is ticket straight into tax, and thats the last place I want to be.
  14. huangker

    Graduate accounting positions

    The more I look at it, the more it seems to me that if you are doing a Com/Law degree and you are looking to get a job from the commerce side of your degree, the extra two years you do is more branding than anything else.
  15. huangker

    Finance or Econometrics Major

    Well the problem with doing a combined degree is that you only get one major. Fallback position? Are you saying that doing the finance/econometrics major is like a rifle shot? One shot and if you miss, you are in trouble? Are banks looking to hire people with accounting backgrounds and CPA/CA...