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    Residential Colleges in Uni of Queensland

    Yes, but UQ students get first preference, and some colleges won't allow QUT at all.
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    Living on Campus - Which college?????

    Guys this thread is a year and a half old. It's probably better to read through and post any questions in this one: http://community.boredofstudies.org/635/general-university-queensland/31817/residential-colleges-uni-queensland/9.html (In case the link doesn't work, the thread is called...
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    Residential Colleges in Uni of Queensland

    Seriously, all the colleges make it seem like it's really hard to get in. Pure bullshit, considering the amount of trash that gets through. Trust me, if you present well, you will be fine, and should get into any college. 85 TER is not bad at all either - don't go putting yourself down. I...
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    Lifting Device Question for anyone who can help me

    Start by drawing a free body diagram. You have one force 4900N down, point A is in equilibrium. Assuming the crane cable is held tightly and can't move, what force do you need to pull @ 35° to pull it at an angle of 10°?
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    Residential Colleges in Uni of Queensland

    Throughout the year, quota expires in 2 months, I think. The pricepoints are: 1GB - $10 2GB - $18 5GB - $40 Maybe there's a 3 or 4GB block, but I can't remember. The quota specials at the start of each semester doesn't expire until the end of semester. They are something like: 5GB - $10 10GB -...
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    BOS University Guide: A Complete Guide to 1st Year Uni [A Work In Progress]

    Re: The Idiot's Guide to University (FAQ) Engineering is typically 20-25 contact hours a week plus a shitload of assignments. It's definitely one of the more intense programs.
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    BOS University Guide: A Complete Guide to 1st Year Uni [A Work In Progress]

    Re: The Idiot's Guide to University (FAQ) A lot less than band 6s in the HSC, that's for sure. Solid study in swotvac (6 hours a day?) + all the days before exams got me 2 HDs and 2 Ds last semester in engineering. As for day to day study throughout semester, as long as you can do everything on...
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    User submitted notes + weblinks

    You guys now get "sample answers" in the marking notes? I wish they did that for my HSC.
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    Wow, only just noticed this feature. It doesn't notify me when I get one of these messages...

    Wow, only just noticed this feature. It doesn't notify me when I get one of these messages. Please PM instead next time to make sure I receive your question. Sorry that I missed this - probably way too late to help.
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    Engineering Assigment. Ideas + Thoughts.

    Think about how you can efficiently use every piece. If something adds weight, you want to get the most strength out of that member. Some simple balsa trusses or angled braces can add rigidity.
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    Engineering Studies?

    I replied: I've found having done Engineering Studies quite helpful at uni. At least for basic understanding of things like forces, vector drawings, types of materials and material selection, writing reports, etc. Sure, it's not required, but that's because it would be unreasonable to require a...
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    does the HSC exam include prelim content?

    The exam is all from the HSC syllabus, ie. No braking systems and other explicit topics from prelim. That said, plenty of the knowledge from prelim is used again in HSC - stress/strain curves, properties of materials, bending moments, etc.
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    Remember the UAI is only used to get the "smartest" into the places available for a degree at a given university. Low or high UAI people still need to pass all their subjects and meet the requirements of the degree.
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    How different is HSC Engineering Studies to university engineering?

    It's because ES just gives a broad concept of most things. Engineering at uni will focus a lot more on specific understanding within the courses that you do. Examples of subjects that will be offered as part of an engineering degree at most universities: • Materials • Physics • Chemistry •...