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  • iiii.
    want to do comm law ^^; i know, so typical >_<'
    but i don't want to become one of those money-hungry life-leeching lawyers. i've promised myself i'll never work in the private sector. don't know how closely i'll follow that vow >_<". what i really want to do is work for some kind of international organisation/the government (=

    ahahah you piece of crap, saw your < 3 tricia... thing, and was like ooo looks like an asian name...and was hoping to find a babe on google images...but...then.... yeah....
    i think i've only neg repped like twice?
    Number of points?
    I think it depends on who gives them. Like if a gold member gives good rep it counts for more?
    Keep posting, I smile every time I see one of your posts!
    Haha facebook is quite addictive.....I guess you're better off here though, you can educate yourself with HSC stuff whilst socialising. :p

    Added you on MSN. =)
    I can kinda be like that, but I try not to jump in the relationship wagon too fast (nowadays), I used to date guys after a week or two of knowing them. I hated doing that..if you sleep around for fun, thats fine I've done it and still do it on rare occasions but trying to paint a fuck buddy up as a boyfriend...ehh, its a pet peeve of mine even though I know I'd be tempted to do it if a nice guy came along....just because potential boyfriends are not that abundant, so when one comes along you want to pounce on them so they don't go anywhere haha....but the best relationships I've had are the ones I started out as friends with and it slowly built up to something else...much more romantic too because you're actually in love with them.

    Ever had a boyfriend that you were in love with? It's the greatest thing..oh, and do you have MSN?..or facebook rather, because apparently MSN has died. =/
    Haha, once again you can join the club!!...I never did sports, hated them until I realized what they can do for you physically haha so I try and hit the gym now, working towards a lovely six pack. ;P But yeah, as for non-sport hobbies there is always knitting, singing and stuff like that haha...I don't knit, but karaoke is definetly a favorite hobby of mine. I love theatre as well, watching and performing.

    Your musical taste is quite similar to me as well XD...I like pop stars like Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry..Lady Gaga is alright, though I love more emo-pop-rock kinda stuff like Snow Patrol, Thriving Ivory and One Republic....kinda suits my melancholy romantic ideals.

    How are you in regards to looking for "the one"...does it matter much to you or is it "meh"?
    Haha so apart from boys, what else do you like? =P

    Like what kinda music you into, we kinda went through what shows we watched....hobbies? lol that kinda stuff
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