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    Subject Selections 2012

    Semester 1: ECOS2903 - Mathematical Economics (Honours) ECOS3901 - Advanced Microeconomics (Honours) ECOS3903 - Applied Microeconomics (Honours) ECOS3007 - International Macroeconomics The assessments for ECOS3903 scare the shit out of me...
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    Food at USYD

    Re: Best japanese food in Camperdown? $8 assorted meat box from kebab brothers... mmm... i'm getting hungry just thinking about it. make sure you get loads of mayo on it!
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    people who get 99+ Atars.....

    A fair few 99+ ATARs I knew were generally of superior genetic makeup with spontaneous, occasional cramming. Of course, you can overcome being less-than-special by lots of consistent study. The kids with both are those who go on to state rank and get 99.95 ect EDIT: also, you 2012ers should be...
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    Studying in Israel

    Hey, I was just wondering if anybody on these forums has any (or knows anybody who has) experience with the ULPAN/semester/year programs at HUJ or TAU. Any information about the competitiveness of these programs (ie expected SAT scores) would be greatly appreciated, as well as what you thought...
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    First in Course List

    Is it just me or do they seem to post the same article every single year? Not quite; a girl in my grade got 96/100 overall and no state rank for her...
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    Semester 2, 2011 Results Thread

    ECOS2002: 80 (D) - was hoping for a HD but i'm still happy :) ECOS2001: 63 (P) - i think they fucked up and forgot to include my special considerations midsem in my grade. ECMT2110: 74 (C) - don't even care, just so fucking glad this horrible subject is over!
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    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Intermediate Microeconomics ECOS2001: Ease: 9/10 Content wasn't too difficult too grasp at all. I found that for me, one read through the relevant chapter and I could understand the key concepts well. Then it's just a matter of rote learning. Lecturer: 8/10 He was nice, easygoing and easy to...
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    Unit of Study Outline Exchange

    This thread helped me quite a bit when I was choosing subjects this year, so here we go: ECOS2001 ECOS2002 ECMT2110 ECMT1020
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    Timetables (Semester 2, 2011)

    Semester 2 2011 (next week)
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    Timetables (Semester 2, 2011)

    I'm trying to enroll in ECOS2001 next semester, but whenever I try to do it online, I get the message that I've "failed prerequisite checking" (although I know I haven't). Has this happened to anybody else?
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    semester 1 results

    91 in macroeconomics... Very pleased :D WAM = 81.75, fucking French dragged it down big time but it's not too bad I guess :)
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    How hard is it to financially survive away from home for a full-time student?

    Glebe is so expensive haha. That said, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
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    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    USYD B Economics :)
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    How hard is it to financially survive away from home for a full-time student?

    :O is that rent in sydney? mine is like $225 a week!
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    Who are the top 49 students in the 2010 HSC ??

    False :( We had two people on 99.85 but nobody higher this year :(