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  • Join the club haha

    Channing Tatum and Zac Efron make my cut, as well Chace Crawford so we're on the same page I think. :p
    Hahah is that a shame is it?

    The less they're wearing, the happier I am I say....well, if they look like Tom Welling. If they don't then I say cover up. XD
    Shit thats even worse...what famous celebrities are there named Tori and Dean?? Tori Amos and Dean Guyer!?!? O_O If those two got together, I'll be like WTF cuz Tori Amos is like 40-something, is she not and Dean is like 20.....I understand older men, but NOT older women!?!?

    (I will have a lot of girls wanting to kill me for saying that, but its true, the peak age for girls is 25 and guys can peak when they're 30 or older XD)
    Tori and Dean!?!?!?! XD Haha sounds like a horrible rip-off of Will and Grace, which I LOVE!!

    Karen <3
    A science major?, no you don't understand I'm only doing HSC Biology this year. XD Haha it's a long story as to why...a very long, depressing story. =P

    Awwww don't say "unfortunately"...not being overly ambitious makes you human. =P Frankly, a lot of people who are very, very ambitious and intelligent just get too full of themselves and/or have no personality. Commerce still brings in money anyway haha, veterinary nursing not so much.

    Haven't watched the Gilmore Girls yet, but my brother was obsessed with it...used to spend everyday watching the DVD until he finished all the seasons. XD

    The New Zealand might've been better if they could SPEAK..I could never understand a word they said. Having said that, it was not that much different from the Australian one in terms of quality....the American one is the only version worth looking up on youtube, as much as Tyra Banks pisses me off. The new cycle has just started.
    Haha, I'm sure you're much more productive than I am!...although, in my defense I'm only studying biology this year (because I am that lazy....and I wanted to make room for volunteering in animal shelters and the zoo....I sound so pagaent-y but I want a career in animal care and welfare, so thats why I'm doing it) are doing 4 unit maths, God bless your soul. XD Is that what you're procrastinating from? If it is, I don't blame you! And you're doing physics too....crap man, I'm assuming you want to do something along the lines of engineering?

    But yeah, I'm doing alright thanks just trying to find something to do apart from watching reruns of the America's Next Top Model.

    Good looks can compensate for no talent, I say. =P
    Hey there..I was just hanging out in the gay forums and I noticed the hot guy on your avatar and decided to click on your profile. XD

    So yeah, I thought I'd say howdy as I don't think I've seen you around the gay forums..and yeah, sup? lol
    Two days before your exam!? It was on Wednesday night for me and I had an 8:30 exam the next morning... Ended up catching the train home and getting to sleep at about 2:30 am !!! BUT IT WAS SO WORTH ITTTT!!

    You missed out :(
    But don't worry, she'll be back....hopefully!!
    I know... me too!!
    Did you go to her concert in sydney the other night? I did.. .it was amazing... and I'm going again in Wollongong in a couple of weeks.
    Not to bad, we started with about 16 and now we have 14 i think.

    It isnt all that crazy hard atm. how are you finding it? what topics have you done?

    we ahve done complex, curve sketchin, conics, and implict differntiation, and now on intergration
    Good to hear you're interested in reading some philosophy! Imo its one of the best things ever - really opens our eyes to the fundamentals of how we think and how the world works - plus you can really weave in alot of philosophy into your English essays!

    Just off the top of my head based on my recent reading - most of this isn't overly specialist which is good ;)

    - Paul Davies, Mind of God, Fabric of the Cosmos
    - Sartre, Nausea, Being and Nothingness
    - Peter Singer, Practical Ethics
    - Plato, Symposium, Republic, The Last Days of Socrates
    - Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarasthustra, The Birth of Tragedy
    - Bertrand Russell, A History of Western Philosophy
    - David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Undestanding (specialist, but very readable and he has a good sense of dry wit and humour)
    - Albert Camus, The Stranger, The Rebel (fiction, but existentialist)

    Have fun! Good to see you keep up the reading even in Yr 12! Good luck, and have a great year :D

    havent done parametrics so i dont know.

    Conic sections are pretty easy just very heavey algebra because you will often just use a general point insted of real values. So there a lot of room for error. It is harder than complex numbers.
    Haha I'm not that great at maths i just love it.
    Thanks I'll try pick them both up this week, need to get some shit down over the holidays.
    It's a long road ahead haha
    yeah they are crap even the worked examples are hard to understand. What text book do you think is the best? Think ill have to pick one up
    Our books are shit they look like they have been done with a type writer they have the most unmotivating font
    Ummm coroneos, patel and excel i think. They are all very old versions from about 1985. We take our examples from the patel text book. What are you using?
    converted? i was always better at english than maths thanks to my parents giving up on making my sisters read. i only chose ext. maths because mrs m. and my dad told me to and my mum was no help. her only contribution was "don't do a language. you're too old to be able to take it in easily.". english ext. 2 is the best!
    omg you do four units of maths? at least em and i are helping each other write stories (hers for a hobby) so it's not complete social suicide. and physics too? at least you're only doing 10 units.
    my assignments are all done at the last minute, i'm not spending time with friends and my mum's worried i'm becoming depressed so i'm dropping drama and very likely hunter drama too, and maybe i'll start feeling better.
    omg hi!!! wow, one person i know on here lol.
    everything changed at SFX. i'm loosing friends fast :( and i'm completely hating this assessment week we're going through.
    so what gave me away?
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