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  • Wait for B? So what you reckon you will get?

    Module A for me : Q was a bit weird but pwned it. I expect 18/20

    Module B: Good 19/20

    Module C: Atleast 19/20

    So looking for 50's atleast. We had some smooth questions. Andrew's advice worked! what about paper 1?

    I think i stopped, but i grew recently by 1.5 cm o_O...........

    so yeah don't keep your hopes down. You can always grow till 20's!!
    wow 19.... 92 or 93?

    you're old or should i say hyung nim. Since im 18 LOL.....

    im still growing i tihnk.
    174 but i think i stopped hbu?:).. I ate whole shit of galbi cos it was sooo nice.

    And yeah i don't excercise much... im lazy so i gain alot...

    >.< gotta lose weight or im fuked. If i got korea gg , instant weight gain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    49-50 kg?? wtf wats your height???? why so skinny lol... you're exactly like my cousin. He is like 54ish kg and his legs are like twigs LOL...

    dude you can have my weight!! I'll have yours LOOL!!!... sigh last night gain weight ate galbi -.-....

    fml hsc fuked my weight up... i feel like a obese fuk -.-.... seriousily cannot fit any clothes.
    g market ?

    i gain to much weight so all my gmarket clothes don't fit me now LOL.

    after hsc i gained 15kg :(.................

    im going to lose it before korea.
    LOL maccas yeah. Maccas taste 100x better in korea, the shrimp and bulgogi burger is good. so cheap also.

    I want kyo chon chicken-> BBQ-> Mr pizza yum yum......

    gotta eat street food first day and 24/7 e-mart LOL... the ice cream bags are epic.
    Same im not the partying type but im going to do whatever i can. Myeongdong->Dongdaemun shopping to buy some fob clothes and then yeah. I gotta improve my korean before i go or they'll laugh at me haha, i pretty much lost my touch since i didn't speak it for 1 year fully.

    Yeah i play the American one, korean one is soo laggy agreed and fuk i can't even get kills properly. In warehouse LOL i die in 2seconds when i go out cause all the korean pros headshot easy. But good thing about korean one is the guns are so cheap, you buy cash and you can buy hell lot of things. NA is bullshit cause the gun prices are ridiculous.. trg for example bloody 3k a day...

    OO i forgot starcraft also... that is what my life is going to be for 4 months after hsc lol.. in pc bang.

    True korea is good for those things but winter is going to be intense...

    anyways good luck mate i gotta get serious for hsc bb. tell us how you go!
    DUDE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    korea korea korea -> HONG DAE, apgujeong and gangnam PARTY EVERYDAY YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2-3 months for me ~~~..

    but a $2000 comp would be nice XD...... what are you planning to do with it? game? or yeah..

    far after hsc im gonna game it. SUDDEN->Maple LOL->WoW
    Yeah im going to do that.

    Im so screwed.. I WANT TO HAVE FUN IN KOREA T.T......... argggg this hsc i hate it....
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