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  • LOL recommend me a new name bro and IT SHALL BE DONE (no matter how stupid it is :p)

    And hahahahaah. LIFE COMPLETE
    Kiraken aka Mirakon? haha!

    Yeah, hope to see you around sometime once I start.
    I hear that UWS Med is a really tight-knit group and there is actually quite a bit of socialising between different year groups which sounds great!

    I just had one question, haha! and hopefully you remember it.
    But regarding orientation week - was it completely vital to attend? E.g. Were there important things that took place during that 1st week?
    I'm asking this because, I had organised a holiday with a few friends 2 months ago and it turns out that it overlaps with the first week of University.
    Of course, I would not hesitate to cut the trip short if I knew that the days were very important.. this is my dream course! haha,
    But having attended O-week for my science course in 2012 - all I found was that it was purely organisational things which I could easily work out on my own.
    ah right good luck man! I'm sure you'll be fine
    getting a better idea of where you want to specialise?
    Lol but you are smart, pree obvious :)

    Everyone I know who has tried for med has not gotten past UMAT :L Even my friend who duxed it with 99.90, still trying to get in :L
    And accelerants in maths too... All hope is lost, Kiraken, alll!! :(
    Might as well go drop out now *sigh* . Will go be a garbologist for the rest of my life.

    Lol tests sometimes screw over your perceptive abilities hahah section two seems the most do-able. Section 1 is also a pain.

    Everyone keeps saying 'do medentry or you will most likely fail'... WTF. Sah confused.
    14 months... just 14....
    Kiraken, how hard would you rate UMAT out of 10? 10 being the hardest.

    It's scaring meh. espec section 3 :S

    did you do medentry?
    nws :)

    Oh okay, she just told me that Bio was pretty much must :S but oh well. I'll just go with the flow I guess :)

    Lol, wait you're a first year aren't you? This girl is not a first year I have discovered...
    WHOA! Good on you ! So It's mostly all bio work hey?

    OH and I found out the girl's name! lol
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