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  • Haha yeah, I know a few people too who do phys/chem for the scaling and the "prestige" (?). idk why I'm expecting to see my modern and ancient classes to be full of white guys LOL. Probably not though.
    Hell no - I'm a dumbass compared to the almighty Deswa. Hoping to change that in the next two years though ;) For now, I'm probably aiming for UNSW combined law, but that's only if I achieve top 3 ish in every subject I assume.
    What about you?
    I hope so too. Almost fell asleep reading the ancient syllabus. Anyway I see you're doing the Asian 5 :DD Wish I enjoyed science :(
    Yeah, I'm looking forward to school. Not exactly pumped though lol. I'll probably pick up eco if the school allows me. Fingers crossed!
    Up to you. Thanks man, you won't need to go via the MedSc way tbh, provided you continue at this rate.
    I think you are supposed to do it in this format "Dear TITLE SURNAME". So, for example, "Dear Professor Smith".
    I was quite harsh on my part, sorry. I do get very irritated when almost every move I make in relation to my course is questioned - though there are some exceptions ie. Good friends.
    My ATAR isn't competitive enough. Just don't worry about what I'm doing and focus on yourself with all due respect. Thank you.
    Heaviside you can use in HSC unless it says 'use the method of partial fractions'. L'Hopital is a check.
    :'( I know its so very sad, going to high has been my dream since year 5, alas my reserve lasts til this year June. I believe there are 206 people in your cohort and the max is 210 :(((((((( was hoping Kim Jaggar would fill it up, but looks like he didn't. I'm going to aim to top girra (top 5) and give it my last shot this year for sbhs. I think your principal might be willing to give a direct offer this year, if I show promise of achieving a 99+ atar in the hsc. Maybe I stared at his hook hand too much during the interview :p
    cos she was on a news report on TV as one of the students receiving their ATAR. U know how they always have a report on like
    " one student woke up to find she topped the state in maths extension 1 and 2. Shelley she was one of the top performing students in the state" etc etc
    yep i am.
    nah havent done any sort of umat tutoring
    im not sure if it's beneficial or not( see above)
    ur in yr 11 atm, id take it easy and focus on ur subjects
    perhaps start umat seriously later on in the year
    for now just expose urself to a few questions etc..
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