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  • yup 'motivated student' alright :p
    eh nah but i think that expt would drive any1 nuts so dw i still consider you v.studious :cool:

    OMGSH ME TOO !! I think i want to start vampire nights[knights?] can't remember the spelling of the 2nd word .. yea and apparently fruitsbaskets is good too but im too scared to read the wiki summaries for fear of being lured into reading them. [which would be disastrous since they're SO ADDICTIVE] yea i went through my manga phase in yr9 so i've had a while to 'get over my addiction' or else i would've been completely screwed.
    dw your new dp's just as cute [despite its randomness] :D
    That's crazy. And i thought doing like 3 repeats in any experiment was a lot. *blinks in wonder*

    yea i think i'd do what you're doing. Forty is way too much. And like how much difference in PLANT height are you going to get anyway =.= i'm pretty sure they'd all be similar haha.
    mm shadecloth o__o i have no idea. Never done anything like your expt. It sounds difficult.

    well i guess not having to show the plants is a good thing.. i mean, imagine carrying them all to school LOL! AND it also means your teacher will never know how many plants you experimented on xD

    and on the plus side at least it's not an exam! YAY tomatos are cool :D
    on a random note, OMGSH YOUR DP! IT HAS RUKIA ! I LOVE HER. she's awesome! Except she should get together with ichigo already. After the 200+ [?] episodes i read, the storyline had degenerated into mindless killing so i ragequitted. :(
    ahha thx, you're not the only one btw to say that. My ATAR aim is below that thingy, in white writing ;)
    WOW it's being marked?!
    Hahahaha aww , caring for your plants like they're your very own kids is so cute :p

    hmm sounds like an 'effects of environment' on phenotype-ish type of dotpoint.
    Goodluck with it!
    Do you guys have to weed etc? Or is it more small scale and hence relatively weedfree?
    Coz in my school we had compulsory agriculture in junior years and weeding was the biggest pain in the ass. Especially because it's so laborious to have to bend down and either a)hand weed em b) plough em out with big pitchforks/hoes
    i think by the end of those years my biceps were bulging with new found muscle. =.='

    haha it's a shame it had to be wheat! If you grew a vegetable, you could've taken it home and cooked it after the experiment! :D
    lucky you !! congrats :D
    mine went baddddddd because i stuffed up my pracs which are weighted reallly heavily so yea
    but i guess i'll just try and make up for it with the rest of our exams '[which are thankfully prac free ]
    ooh wheat!
    we did a 'wheat germ' prac yesterday! it stank x__X like alcohol/nail polish/beer all mixed in one, and was quite pointless [well in my opinion anyway]. something about extracting dna ..or rather 'seeing' the isolated dna of the wheat LOL. hmm and when we tried to draw it out [which is apparently not do-able anyway], it just dissolved back into the solution and resembled soggy bread decomposing in water.
    -shudders delicately-
    i don't suppose your's is something like our's? Sounds more professional though, what with actually GROWING the wheat... =O
    hiiii yea it HAS been a while thanks to exams >__<
    haha the practicals killed me but besides that mine weren't tooo bad either . wheee holidays.
    break time. before school reopens and the stress compounds again.
    HAHAHA oh the irony of your name. i think that's AWESOME. if i were to share my name with a month, i'd definitely choose April/May. dammit *glares enviously* :p
    OMGSH yourname is SO PRETTY *gets sparkly anime eyes*
    Mine's uncommon/weirdsounding so much so that if i posted it here i'd get stalked out in like 10seconds =(
    awww your alter egos are so CUTE.!! i can't seem to find mine :( perhaps one day they'll show themselves to me. kehehe okay well maybe try and bribe Devilmaplestory by telling her that you'll go on BoS after exams and give her a cookie [even if you aren't REALLY going to heh heh heh]
    MINE START TUES!! so we're in the same boat :(
    *KAPOW* <---that translates to GOODLUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS MAY-PLESTORY. :) go ace 'em .
    i vow not to return to BoS until after exams [hence my chunky message].
    ahahaha okay go for it :D i don't mind at all.
    LOL the 'devilmaplestory' omgsh i love how you have an alter ego!!! that's SO COOLLLLL
    ahh restricting BoS activity to fridays is a WONDERFUL practice -sighs in envy- a perfect balance.
    kehehe 'miss successful' is my ideal dream.
    loll oh mannnn if i stay on BoS too long instead of doing pastpapers , then it won't become a reality >:O! *tries to wrench self away from distractions*
    LOL i bet they will coz i'm just that buff *flexes drooping biceps* :p

    yea i agree with you 101%. Studying with a comp on is like trying to get a fat kid to eat spinach =S
    it barely works. Which is why i should take a page out of your book [oh wise one] and get off BoS and the comp too !! ahhhh i never knew forums would be so distracting *faints dramatically*
    goodluck studying , 'miss i'm able to exercise self control like no other can' :D
    hahahha aww anytime. =] and yea you made me feel less scared as well. And we have something to look forward to afterwards kehhehee :D

    WHAT NO FAIR! YOU VIRTUAL PUNCHED ME FIRST?!?!?!?! hhahahahha -glaressss-
    grr well my virtual punches will be more painful/goodluck-ier than your's :p but thanks for that =] i shall treasure that luck and the bruise accompanying it. ;)
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