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Recent content by nutcracker

  1. nutcracker

    EX-JAMES RUSE, 99+, COMM/LAW student tutoring ECONOMICS

    I said swamped with work and personal matters. I'm caring for a chronically ill parent while studying. Again, please keep comments and questions to the topic.
  2. nutcracker

    EX-JAMES RUSE, 99+, COMM/LAW student tutoring ECONOMICS

    I'm Sri Lankan and proud of my heritage. Could future questions please be directed at my tutoring, thanks.
  3. nutcracker

    EX-JAMES RUSE, 99+, COMM/LAW student tutoring ECONOMICS

    Hi guys! I graduated from James Ruse Agricultural High School in 2010 with an ATAR of above 99. I am currently studying Commerce/Law at the University of New South Wales. I would like to offer my services as a HSC Economics tutor (: I was ranked 2nd in my grade for Economics and achieved a...
  4. nutcracker

    transferring programs

    i had a similar problem this last week. i was enrolled in socsci (crim)/law but i felt my other degree wasn't really going anywhere, as well as the fact that that particular program meant i had to do 2nd year law subjects and i wasn't coping with being the only 1st year in 2 of my subjects, so i...
  5. nutcracker

    Jeopardy! Club?

    sorry, off-topic [and it may seem like i'm kinda stalking your posts but i'm not lol xD] - INCEPTION! but he was so much cuter in 500 Days of Summer ;]
  6. nutcracker

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    i still. don't get. it O_O but, on topic [well, before ellen page], i extremely dislike all the negativity placed on the arts degree. i mean, science kids are passionate about science, so they do it. maths people are passionate about maths, so they take adv mathematics. but when a passionate...
  7. nutcracker

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    she's also the psychotic killer in hard candy 8D gotta lover her. also, why does shadowdude double post saying 'double post' o_O i've been trying to figure it out for a while and i just don't get it O_O
  8. nutcracker

    2011 Semester 1 timetables

    ooh, international relations sounds awesome. i'm combing law @ unsw with social science (criminology) =D so excited about it ^^
  9. nutcracker

    BoS meat for 2011 first years

    i would have maaaaaybe thought about coming if it hadn't been set on the orientation day for my course =/ [which pretty much runs through the whole day]. (btw, mitch, I'M STILL WORKING ON THAT REPLY. IT'S COMING, IT IS).
  10. nutcracker

    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    loved that book <3.
  11. nutcracker

    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    criminology/law @ unsw =DDDD over the moon =DDDD
  12. nutcracker

    2011 University cut offs

    holy crap at rise in unsw & usyd law o_O! i mean - 99.70?! that's crazy! but i still got an offer for unsw so all is well :]
  13. nutcracker

    Is it necessary to actually read Frankenstein?

    adding too much context will take away from your essay. context is not the be-all and end-all of this module, you have to relate the message of the text to the changes in context. and in order to have a good understanding of what the author is trying to say, i strongly recommend that you read...
  14. nutcracker

    *uac main offers thread

    from asking a lot of questions at unsw, i've gathered that if you have eas eligibility there, it means you get at least something and they don't give half points, so that means you do have at least 1 bonus point (: what happened to the old thread about uac offers, the one that chromatic made...
  15. nutcracker

    Is anyone going to UQ?

    heh, thanks (: mm, there's no way of really knowing whether or not i'm above the cut-off because it changes [albeit minutely, but that's all it takes] every year =/ and heh, just got an offer for arts/law from monash as well, so there's that option to ><" i think in all likelihood i won't be...