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  • Haha I'm so glad the SC was a blur. Many Year 10ers don't see it like that. Rather, they just stress pointless.

    Well when you're in Year 11 doing English, I'm waiting to see you improve a lot like myself. No pressure official ;).
    Thanks for the rep Official! I owe you. My tutor told me that I should expect 97-98+ ATAR, but my personal aim was 95.00 =). What's your ATAR aim? And well done for almost finishing Year 10! How did English go?
    thats what you get for being in fort street =p
    i aint got jack for now
    just bludge all the way xD

    although maths was easy, i fail =(
    last question raped me..but apart from that im sure i've done silly mistakes =.=
    i dobut i'll get 95+ =(
    computer was just bs
    english and hsie were awrite
    quite different imo

    its sc

    lol i still dont get your avatar
    what is it o_O
    thanks man =)
    rofl almost got a second bar xD
    my life is complete =p

    so sup
    over year 10 eh?
    how'd you sc go?
    I think I got close to 4 or 5 for the RAP question as last friday my teacher spent the whole lesson discussing what we should do if we got a RAP question in the exam, also the handout she gave us turned out to be pretty useful :) she must be psycic...
    good, I liked the geography paper and I thought it was weird that there was no coastal management, but I was prepared for human rights, although now I look back on it, i don't think I answered the question quite correctly. I only had 25 mins to do history and I failed it so bad... I havent listened in history for 4 years straight so I'm glad it was my last exam
    i didn't put that, because i thought in a formula you weren't allowed to do that. I considered it, but didn't write it. I made up a random one like n^2(2n-1)+n which only works sometimes
    yeh i found it good, cept the last question, pretty hard compared to the rest of the paper i thought
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