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Recent content by Omnipotence

  1. Omnipotence

    MGMT1001 Final Exam

    When I did it the lecturer gave us a list of which topics the essay could be on and I just had a skim through the theories. That said, I winged multiple choice and it was lols.
  2. Omnipotence

    Counterstrike Global Offensive Thread

    i play from time to time and ranked LE
  3. Omnipotence

    Don't fuk up

    good luck guys!
  4. Omnipotence

    Test and compare your internet speed

    thats strange... have you contacted your provider? are you on dsl?
  5. Omnipotence

    Test and compare your internet speed

    im on telstra cable but I have friends on NBN and they blow my upload speed out of the park like they get 40mb jesus
  6. Omnipotence

    Cadetship 2015

  7. Omnipotence

    CARS & RIDES & Mighty Car Mods

    re: CARS & RIDES & Mighty Car Mods I was gonna get a bike as well. Any recommendations - L plater?
  8. Omnipotence

    lol this bitch 5eva alone

    lol this bitch 5eva alone
  9. Omnipotence

    i missed an exam

    Not sure if serious.
  10. Omnipotence

    UNSW Finals Allnighter Thread

    i haven't chucked an allnighter since yr 12... now if i set an alarm for 4am i just wake up and hit snooze
  11. Omnipotence

    Atar estimate :)

    Hard to estimate given lack of info on school rank but it looks like you're marks will mostly be shaped by how you perform externally.