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  • It was 78ish.

    But yeah man, I don't mind the actual inflexibility of medical science - in fact I love it as well as the units offered. As I mentioned before, i'm just concerned of putting the effort in 2nd year and not getting the marks I deserve. I'm aiming for a mid-distinction average next year but I'm not too sure how hard that will be to achieve relative to first year, despite the interest..

    There are so many uncertainties, I'm not even sure what to do anymore. I mean I've considered transferring to Adv. Sci but I'm just thinking what if I'm not that shit and can actually do well next year? I wouldn't waste a year starting 1st year Adv. Sci although there's the other question, what if I do get screwed over? Fuck, I've done my research but it's such a hard decision to make :/. I don't know whether I should stick with it or not. First sem results aren't too shabby and the 2nd year units look really really good..
    Hey Riproot.

    If you don't mind me asking, why do 2nd year med science units tend to scale down significantly? I'm trying to explain it to my father who wants to know the reason as to why this is so. Was planning to ask tutors or lecturers and such but I can only imagine them giving a biased response or something. Thanks mate.
    Could you help me in my essays :( i dunno where i am going wrong and my teachers are not providing ways in which i can better myself! So please could you help me! I can send a sample of an essay i wrote so you get an idea of what im lacking through a private message. (though you need to clear it out as its full and wont let me send you and private messages) Thankyou :)
    Dude, I was reading the junior maths handbook and it said you can take 5 junior units. Do u know how this works? What I mean is, if you take 15cp junior maths, wouldn't you end up with 147 cp in total, and I thought you couldn't take more than 144cp. Wouldnt that extra 3 cp not be available for HECS
    I've been noticing you around the usyd engineering page a lot and I wondered if you could spare me some advice. Anyways, I'm in year 11 at the moment and I want to pursue engineering as a career. However, I do not have any knowledge regarding Ext 1 Maths AT ALL! So if I plan to enrol into engineering at usyd, is it recommended that I take up a bridging course? P.S I do 2U maths.

    (Btw, I had to wall post this because your inbox was full!)
    I wouldn't say it's artsy just has a lot of content. Of course I'm doing physics degree now, because i like astro. Not all physics is bad, just electromagnetism.
    hmm, so what kinda percentile would I need for that kind of weighted score?
    what was ur percentile if u dont mind me asking? ( pm if u want)
    cheers brah
    I doing PHYS1500 this sem. Changed from PHYS1003 at last minute, and decided to only do 18cp not 24cp. Will still do at least 6cp phys next year to fill units maybe. Im only taking 18cp a semester from now on (its easier). Yeah, she just thought it was a bad idea to do arts electives, idk. I may have given the wrong impression when I said that. Only cause im not an artsy person at all. Im not stressed, I take multivitamins. they help ;) I already have one fail on my transcript because of human bio (long story). I have to see how this semester pans out, then I get to work out what to take next year. I think its better for me to major in two science areas tho.
    I wanted to do a language for a year at one point (like by taking arts electives) and mums like no.
    I didnt think you could second major in an arts major in a BSc? im trying to work it so I can possible double major in maths and phys, but if i can only stand one year of phys, then idk.

    Yea, im gonna take some pure math subs like algebra, and differential geometry, which is all about 4D stuff and above, which i already know a bit about and that stuff blows my mind haha.

    I was considering uts, and im sure their maths degree is ok, but unless you do it thru BSc as a major, you do it in BMathComp or BMathFin (together with finance (yuck) or IT)
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