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  • You know I work, you know I don't spend. Well there is a good chance i have it. Also I really want to be a mod, so i won't lie.

    You can deposit like 3k a week or yu can pay everutihng in cash, i.e. bills, cocaine etc.
    Well, i just applied to be a mod. So i thought i would become better friends with current mods.

    SO i was wandering if you wanted a few $100 notes i have laying around? You know ;)
    hahaha kudos to you though for being able to be so diplomatic. I dont think he really knows much about IB or actuarial, he just seems to want to cling to the belief that theyre both suitable options for him solely based on pay and is unwilling to consider other factors.
    Hey I am just posting to get your opinion on accounting. Many people have suggested that I major in finance rather than accounting as accounting is a 'boring' job, however, I actually have no idea what finance would get someone into.
    well since my last msg to your wall, i found i understood it a bit better after making some notes for business and looking at the syllabus properly. but man, there is so much to learn :S and in conjunction with economics, and ipt (content heavy) and 3u math (which im like almost last in) im gonna need to really pick up my game. it's just really hard to, and idk why, but i just can't bring myself to be as good as i know i can be and added to this short time left.
    Make sure assets equals liabilities and owners equity, if it doesnt it means you have done something wrong
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