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  • Hey sereify007, was hoping we could be friends :D It also just struck me that you're one of thse rare people that do IPT and even more shocking when I realised I do the same subjects as you. I just thought since you did so well that I could ask for some advice on how you did it. with business, i struggle to understand it, not information wise but how to respond to questions. sometimes i think, do they actually have definite answers or are they open for interpretation sort of thing, a bit like english. it's depressing that i have my hsc soon and yet i don't feel confident in anything. i hope you could help me, even by the least of your efforts ><
    Hey seremify! Is it me, or I cannot view the threads on the "Commerce/Business" forum in "General University Discussion" ? Thanks.
    Hey im going gens5001 this sem. but i didnt make it to the last you remeber the types of questions he asked? some example maybe.....BIG HELP.
    haha nah, i still love my GTRs
    thats just the pic of the car im hoping to buy at the end of this year :D (cos i cant drive gtr on Ps)
    hah, no dont think so sorry. you just did the same subjects as me at school and am interested in the same industry as I, so thought I might add u.
    hey jace! its monica! woo ill be seeing u next year at unsw :) i jst withdrew my law offer at unsw to do comm/science at unsw x) i think its the right decision~ its been a long time not talking to you
    hey dude, couldnt help but notice you did a double major in your commerce degree? is that normal? like can you choose two majors? and also did you enjoy accounting and finance? thanks mate :)
    hey can i hav ur msn , becoz im really stuck on my major documentation and need guidance from someone like u hit baks plz reply to
    Hey mate, excuse the random message! I noticed in you sig that you do B Commerce (Accounting/Finance). I'm doing my HSC this year and hope to major in accounting in a BBus/BComm/BEcos next year. Just wondering if you had any advice on the following things:

    1. What do you think of UNSW? Is it true the BComm is better overall than Sydney's? Did you consider any other business related courses at other unis?

    2. If I don't get into UNSW BComm, could I do BEcos and later transfer to BComm, still majoring in accounting? How hard is internal tranferring to do?

    3. Do you have a cadetship? If so, how great is the workload, in terms of hours either working/studying per day?

    4. Is there any particular reason you didn't pick to do the combined BComm/BEcos?
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