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  • Lol I was not talking about my boobs. I just said that (non-fat) men don't have boobs, which is an obvious fact lol. But thanks for the rep.
    Hi. I was wondering if u had any ba invites? My friends all used theirs. Thx. txk_rulz@hotmail.com
    can u plz give me a Bored Aussie Invite plz i been trying to get in for long time ,. all my friends got in but me .. i would be greaat full if u could send me one. my e-mail addy is " kapil_devda@hotmail.com "
    plz send me one . plz

    ty .
    hiii serius i was wondering if i could ask some questions about getting a job with woolworths..?

    if i may ..give me a buzz. :)

    looking forward to your reply.

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