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    Tony Abbott - Do you want him as PM?

    I dont want either, but KRudd seems determined to implement certain long term things that i am fundamentally against. It wont ever be a vote FOR Abbot, its more a vote for anyone but KRudd. For this reason, the liberals will probably get the dubious distinction of being on the tail end of my...
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    Inter-racial Dating

    Couldnt you answer with "sure, i will only marry someone who is Australian, we are all aussies here now" anyways no my parents are not at all like that. If anything they are the opposite, they seemed to subtly encourage attraction to different races etc. My guess is they want grandkids who...
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    Freedom & The Environment

    Maybe have it so you can do almost everything you want, you just have to pay heavily for it if it damages the environment. Think of it this way. I live in the world, as do billions of others. Why should some rich fuck be able to fly his jet around and pollute up the environment and ruin my...
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    Alleged teacher-student affair shocks schoo

    female pedophiles exist too [although considering he was 14, she isnt a pedophile under the strictest sense of the word] and when they choose to prey on minors they should be charged just like a male would be.
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    Why are people generally politically apathetic?

    This is a strange times gone past, it was the youth who were always the most vocal and active politically. I dont know why things have changed, maybe people have given up? maybe they just dont care any more as long as things are going on swimmingly? I think its kind of frowned...
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    Issues of the LGBT community in Australia...

    You probably picked the wrong forum for this. Most of us are either pro gay or indifferent. I am not sure what i fit into, i am vaguely supporting of the LGBT movements in that i think they should be allowed to marry, not be discriminated against in the workplace or whatever. I am also pretty...
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    Soundwave Festival 2010

    It wasnt poorly organised, they did the best they could with a shitty venue. The temperature wasnt their fault. There was like 6 water stations and every bar had free water. The big bar near stage 4 was the best, they had actual toilet blocks, no lines, like 10 taps inside, shade tents, or you...
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    La Trobe University student dies after falling down stairwell at campus residence

    What the bet he came to O week which is basically a week long party, got pissed and fell down the steps when he couldnt handle his alcohol because americans cant drink till they are 21.
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    Soundwave Festival 2010

    There was free water at various stations, but the venue has dirt everywhere so those areas quickly turned into mud pits, and had lines. At one place i was sinking up to my ankles waiting for water. I had a bottle of water in each back pocket at all times. Refilled every 2 hours or so, every...
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    If Slavery was Legal...

    Yeah it seems like a great idea at first, until you realise they are actual people being treated like commodities. My morals most likely wouldn't let me own a slave....maybe if i treated them really well i could justify it as " saving them from an owner who treats them shit" but even then...
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    Should we harvest the limbs of paraplegics

    I think they usually like to keep them for balance, asthetics etc. Theres also breakthroughs with stem cell research, nanotech, robotics, happening all the time that you dont know when something could give you functionality again. However, if they consented and wanted to donate their...
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    Internet filtering: You can't opt-out

    Exactly. Conjob's arguments are so fucking infentile, its amazing. " the filter is to block child pornography, rape, bestiality, stuff like that!" Yeah, it blocks RC stuff too. RC includes the grey realms of material instructing in any crime from graffiti[which is a valid art form that can...
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    Georgian Luge Athlete Dies

    It might not have done anything anyway, he probably still would have died. I think it was a bit hard for them to foresee that type of accident. Its the first death in 50years, and lugers very very rarely come off the tracks, and this one was spectacularly high. I just think its a tragedy, they...
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    Drinking age to rise to 21 (due to road toll)

    Whatever, the current generation is the safest to ever come along, generally they frown upon drink driving and dont want to be in the car with a drunk driver where as our parents got pissed and drove regularly and thought nothing of it until they killed someone. Even now, most drunk driver...
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    Fuck off we're full. Immigrants taking true blue Aussie houses

    *17% :P population of sydney and melbourne - Wolfram|Alpha