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  • Hey Shaon0, i'm also doing BCom/BSc (Adv Math) @ UNSW.
    I'm wondering if you could help me with course choices for Semester 1 this year. I've no idea about all the jargon used in the course descriptions. I'm looking for a major in Actuarial Studies for BCom and possibly a major that will support my Actuarial Major from Science (quant. risk maybe?). If not i'll probably go with Pure Mathematics.

    Thanks - William.
    hey my name is joseph and im having trouble with pdh i was just wondering ifu could send me your notes if so can u please send it to

    I'm hoping so. I could be as low as 108 though. But you're right, it won't affect anything. It was a relatively hard paper; up there with 2000 and some of the early 90s. Or at least I think so. Some people are going around saying it was easy, but they seem to be all talk. What did you think?
    I studied for 5 hours today already lol so no more for me. Isn't the English one next monday? I'm going to the Hamlet and Conflicting Perspectives one but not the BR and Frank though, since we had her in the final week.
    lol must've been fun :)
    now you know what it feels like at fast forward, its that x4 :mad1:

    btw, does maths start next saturday??
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