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  • I'm very sorry XD for calling you man :(.. my apology.Not too sure >.< about the band 6 considering the statistics from last year, thousands of better people :(. Im aiming for high band 5 for standard that would satisfy my significantly!!!!!I heard yes band 6 in standard is alot harder then advanced XD.. My texts, Feliks+Postcard were about places. Feliks connecting to his Son, whilst mirroring how migrants fail to connect to Australia. Postcard he cannot spiritually develop a rapport with Warsaw whilst his parents have an affectionate affinity for it. My related text was more on how he cannot connect with society but im not sure if that was 'places' it was more people/community. T.T
    Hey man, im not sure if band 6 is possible. Depends on how good i did XD.. I think i did great for paper 2 and probably mediocre for paper 1. But im expecting 80's -90 / 105.

    It would be great if i did advanced but standard is really good also more relaxing and fun XD.
    thaks for that bro!

    but im very worried
    and im not confident with english at all... : (
    i cannot remember anything. gosh
    estimate please

    subject rank exam result CSSA TRIALS
    Chemistry 3/18 70/100
    advanced maths 2/45 90/120
    advanced english 25/69 65/105
    SOR:2unit 6/41 75/100
    Physics 1/20 70/100

    school rank: 300-350
    Im not good enough for advance tbh.. I don't think my marks would be as high in advance and the ranks seeing how my cohort is too competitive..

    Standard is calm and peaceful, the modules are actually fun and english was one of the best subjects this year XD....

    First of all im not excellent XD!!! hehe. thanks anyway..

    Well ferghsc is alright, they got good markers who give you 'actual' feedback which is good however they can get lazy sometimes feeling like they are skimming through your essay. Like one point the marker said something irrelevant to my essay~.~.......

    However, overall they are very good, they highlight your essays and give constructive feedback on what you need to improve in your essays. They're a bit costly though at $20 per essay.

    I got 19, 19, 19 for my modules. They said i had top notch quality but a few clusmy phrasings and misuse of tautology. I got 13/15 for my belonging because the marker didn't like my related text.

    So overall the markers may be a bit of an issue but i recommend you use them!!
    I didn't do well. Mostly because I hate it & I did barely any study, did an all-nighter & printed & copied other randoms' essays.
    I got:
    Section 1
    Post-1945 - MC = 7/10
    - Short answer = 4/5 (Surprised. Made that shit up on the spot)
    Religion & Non-Religion - MC = 8/10
    - Short Answer = 1/5 (My teacher was telling me "You have to go through your entire syllabus" after this, and I told her that I don't ever study for section 1 and I never will. :p)
    Section 2
    Christianity - a (bioethics) = 2/3
    - b (Baptism) = 2/3
    - c (Paul of Tarsus) = 7/9
    Buddhism - a (enviro ethics) = 3/3
    - b (Temple Puja) = 3/3
    - c (Asoka)= 9/9
    Section 3 - Islam - Bioethics & Hajj - 13/20 (I hate Islam... Fucking hate it... But I refuse to write about a fucking terrorist so, I wasn't doing 9 marks on Sayyid the fuckwit)
    Section 4 - Christianity and Peace - 12/20 (Lol. Read 1 I printed on the day & tried to rewrite it without linkage & with failage.)

    71/100 & I came 3rd. :)
    2nd overall brah! :)
    I can give you free SOR notes. What topics do you need/do?

    Besides core, I did Christianity and Judaism as my two religious traditions. I did 1 unit SOR though
    why thankyou :) im doing a bachelor of arts at usyd majoring in psychology and sociology :) oh good, they are really good ranks!!
    my hsc marks were: 96 in cafs, 45 in studies of religion (1u haha), 87 in maths, 88 in legal, 88 in english and 78 in bio so if you can get something along those lines you are on the right track for hsc :)
    yep defo :) i got 93.05 with those subjects :) so if you want to know what marks to be aiming at to get over 90 just ask :) haha
    you're doing the same combination of subjects i did in year 12 :) hahaha. but you are doing 2u studies of religion. i only did 1u haha. nice combination :)
    Thats pretty good I got 88 in science and only 85 in English. Mathe I did hopeless 76 hahaa and 84 in history and geography :) loll the bos dosnt care about sc. To busy caring bout hsc students, which I Spose they have a right too
    English-literacy: 88
    Mathematics: 86
    Science: 85
    Geography: 84
    History: 86
    Computing Skills: 91

    The grades on my Record of Achievement don't match the grades in my final Year 10 school report. Did that happen to you? I believe that the Board plays with SC test marks and grades AND HSC marks.
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