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    Am I the only one?

    thats chicks for ya but to me it seemed as if he was braggin about it, what a stupid thing to do Sorry it angers me cause I know the work I did and he reminds me of all the little ferals at my school who were there just cause they were to lazy to get a job, so they stay at school and get...
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    Schools who improved markedly on last year

    well we never made it to the top 200, but our rural, public school improved. last year the highest UAI was 86, this year the highest was 96.65 and 5 people that I know, including me, got over 90 but there could be 2 more 90's I haven't talked to them yet
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    did you mean to say "if I come first my HSC mark will be equal to or greater than my exam mark" cause that was my understanding
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    Am I the only one?

    its your own fault as if you wouldn't do assessment tasks especially if you were going good in other subjects. You knew what this year would entail, if you couldn't handle physics you should have dropped it early The only people I know who didn't do assessment tasks were failing all their...
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    Top in school

    what was the top UAI in your school ours, Chatham High, was 96.65 just a bit of an improvement from top of 86 in 2004
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    REPRESENT Your High School Before 05 Ends

    Chatham High public, rural school 9 students Honour roll, 19 mentions Me- 94.95 1 Honour Roll for Maths Extension 1 and I came in top 10 in some state or national science comp awhile back oh not to mention also I gave birth a couple of weeks before exams, ****27 September...
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    What UAI did you get?

    94.95, yay!!!
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    do they ask about situations? like do they say, give an example of where you have had to work as part of a team
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    i got a 1st round interview at UNSW but i missed it cause i was hospital but i was given an interview in december. What sorta things do they ask? I feel totally unprepared, im the first person from my school to apply for medicine in about 20 yrs, so no one has any advice.
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    yea alot of ppl in my class had no idea cause alot of the questions reguired alot of manipulation of formula and they are all pretty stupid
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    What next..

    might see ya there, i put that as one of my preferences
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    Multiple Choice

    This isnt right. The unconnected copper ring still has eddy currents induced in it. think about it, a straight piece of metal can have eddy currents induced in it, and it isnt joined at each end. so the answer is B because it has less eddy currents induced than the closed ring.
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    Multiple Choice

    Planck explianed black body radiation using the idea of quanta....the question doesnt ask who explained how quanta can asks who explained the relationship in the graph
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    Teacher bias

    don't you have double marking? all the assessments we do get double marked by different teachers and the trials were sometimes triple marked, so i doubt a teacher could get away with bias
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    What next..

    Yay finnished today with physics. I think i've done alright. Well tonight I'm getting wasted :) After that I hope i get into medicine at newcastle but i want to defer for a year to be a dedicated housewife and mother. So whats everyone else planning for the next "chapter of your life" ?