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  • Sy is latex working for you? It doesnt seem to be working for me :(
    edit: nvm i forgot the tex tags. also i lol'd when i saw the VM below this
    Hey Sy123,

    Can you please email me with the solutions. Thanks for your time lol


    Q1. In how many ways can three groups of three numerals be chosen without replacement from the nine numerals 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ?

    A) 84
    B) 80
    C) 504
    D) 1680

    Q2. In how many ways can a group of three letters be chosen without replacement from the nine letters of the world AUSTRALIA?

    A) 14
    B) 28
    C) 42
    D) 84

    Q3. In an Argand diagram the vectors OP and OQ represent the complex numbers z and w repectively such that Triangle OPQ is equilateral.
    What is an expression for z^2 +w^2.

    A) -2zw
    B) -zw
    c) zw
    D) 2zw

    Q4. if z^n-1= (z-1)(z-w)(z-w^2)...(z-w^n-2)(z-w^n-1). what is the value of (1-w)(1-w^2)...(1-w^n-2)(1-w^n-1).

    A) 0
    B) 1
    C) n-1
    D) n

    Q5. if a+B+y=3, 1/a+1/B+1/y=2 and aby=1. what is the value of a^2+B^2+y^2?

    A) 1
    B) 3
    C) 5
    D) 7

    for question Q5. (a+B+y)^2-2(aby)= 5 is this right or is their another way.
    Yeah ok thanks I sent an email to my teachers, hopefully they'll reply soon :D. Hows Silberburg and those Physics books going, good I presume? btw can you PM me the mediafire link for calculus again, I'm back home now, thanks :)
    Hi Sy, I was just wondering, for Chemistry, in the molar heat of solution, is it absolutely essential to write soln in subscript for the molar heat of solution or can i just get away with delta H? Thanks :)
    Yes, I recommend papers from Hong Kong and Chinese Mathematics Competitions, they are similar to Westpac but are harder. Other than that you can join a forum called "Art of Problem Solving", it's another forum I use. It has got posters posting the most interesting of questions but of course it's way beyond the HSC. It's more suited to the critical thinking type of questions.
    Hey Sy,

    You know how people say that "they waste time". Well I wanted to see what your interpretation of what wasting time is.
    Yeah that's good- I didn't go tutoring either. You're heaps good on the understanding side of things which is hectic.

    About the solution -> I'm not sure of the technical stuff (like whether self ionisation is exo or endothermic) but the general gist is right I think. When you guys have done equilbria in Industrial Chem (option), revisit this question because you can understand/explain it much better
    Yep =) Do you go tutoring for anything actually? And are you aiming to go all the way with ATAR?
    Yeah saw that. Though for a proper answer, don't you need knowledge of equilibrium constant? An explanation by Le Chat's falls short I think (though I could be wrong- I haven't actually thought about the question today, I just know the answer haha from seeing it before)
    Nah you should have posted it- its a very good question. It was a good idea though to also post an easier question.
    Nobody is anywhere near the answer in the thread haha- I would have thought at least one person would have gotten it by now (though tbh, it is very outside the box)
    Oh maths :). What a minute.....isn't neutral when hydroxide concentration=hydronium concentration?
    If u have ph 6 then they are not equal...
    Um the self ionisation of water causes the proportions of hydronium and hydroxide ions to vary, thus causing the pH level of the water to change? Occasionally the pH decreases to 6 before reverting to neutralish?
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