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    Hey mate, Is your name Ahmahd Shah Idil? If not, disregard this message... Good luck with your...

    Hey mate, Is your name Ahmahd Shah Idil? If not, disregard this message... Good luck with your Uni exams/assessments!
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    Life after HSC

    Oh man, I am so glad you're the competition.
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    Do we have to reference quotes?

    Good idea to state what situation/event you're talking about (ie In Chapter 23.. blah blah / In act 5, scene 1...) but you don't have to give page references for each quote.
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    A question for all science nerds

    NEAP are good for practice, same with Grammar trials simply because they're quite easily and straight forward, without the vague wording that is so common in CSSA exams. However they still suffer from the 'mystery' marking scheme where if you miss out on a random thing they wanted in the answer...
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    uv catastrophe

    I !think! it has to do with the graph which is based upon classical physics which shows that as the wavelength decreases, the frequency increases (due to C= f x lambda) however this doesn't make sense because you could have a wavelength of zero and have infinite energy. Therefore they needed...
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    Serious Advice Only: Passing P Exam

    Don't forget if you go over any double unbroken lines for ANY reason you will fail. If you are overtaking something that's sticking out, indicate to do so. If you're turning, make sure you don't go over a line as you will fail.
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    red P off during parking?

    I try to park near expensive or enthusiast cars because I can be sure they will take care opening their doors as they sure as hell want dents as much as I do. Never park near SUV's (soccer mum cars like the Lexus boatbarge, X3/5's, Merc M's etc) or Vans as kids are fucking retarded and will...
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    Hand over hand is feminine and unsafe? Learn to fucking steer..... Christ..
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    should all corpses be used as a biofuel?

    You don't get it! If you used them as a fuel, there would be almost no energy released. The energy required to transport them to a power plant where these corpses would be fermented into fuels would far exceed the energy released when the corpse-fuel was finally burned. This is a retarded idea...
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    Which motorcycle should I modify? (warning: image heavy)

    Ah ok my mistake. I thought you were looking for a track bike (you started to talk about making the bike handle very well through suspension mods) or a rare ride that you'd thrash, not a daily. In that case an Aprilia is definitely not something you'd want to own. Fairing would get destroyed...
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    Car under $7500?

    This man speaks the truth.. Sedans just aren't meant to tow large loads. If you need a v8 to really tow it, its going to be so large it will put gigantic amounts of strain on not just the engine. The chassis will be fucked after a while. Large 4wds like Patrols, Rodeos, Navara etc are built for...
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    P1 Driver Speeding 8-9 Kms???????

    read the first page and then hit 'post reply' I'm sorry I placed such a strain on your life.
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    Which motorcycle should I modify? (warning: image heavy)

    The VTR250 will probably make the most exciting one to ride, but is it really a 'classic'? It's got quite a modern style/design. Why not go for an older 500cc bike? If you're going to have budget issues with rego for a large displacement bike, do you really think you won't struggle with...
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    P1 Driver Speeding 8-9 Kms???????

    Pretty sure if its a highway patrol guy they need to pull you over to issue a speeding fine, if they didn't pull you over nothing happens.
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    should all corpses be used as a biofuel?

    I know, except you would barely get anything out of their corpses, much less than the energy you'd need to move them to some area to be fermented..... I don't think you grasp that.