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  • ebay
    MALMö SLIM Skinny Black 2 Button Suit EU48R (Sma-Med) - eBay Suits, Clothing, Men, Fashion. (end time 10-Dec-09 14:48:25 AEDST)
    So what is electrical engineering actually? Give me a list of reasons why you want to do it so that I can say that's why I want to do it in the interview. Pretty please?
    ninor please.. i still havn't revised 2 modules of legal, 2 modules of physics, all physics experiments.
    i'm seriously going to cry
    he's got mad songs, i'll give you his cd's to listen to you'll like them :eek:
    oh yeah.. i can't wait til exams are over, i'm gonna watch pride and prejudice *cough*
    ><My reply didnt send. I will send this again:
    Yeah I'm pretty happy to get them^^Although I want your more :p
    PV seems to be a weird branch of engo that doesn't belong to anything...oh well. We will see^^
    Sooooo ninor... HOW WAS CHEM?
    First in the school?
    First in the state?
    First in Australia?
    First in the UNIVERSE?!!! (only looks funny when you do it.. But meeh at least I tried) :p but yeah nah seriously how was chem??? Finally over only one more to go :D
    Thanks for the luck, i'll need it ^^ I wish you luck too, although i doubt you need it :p

    Wow congrats! They should've told me that before... i would've put mechanical or something instead ><"

    Me too... sort of makes me feel better knowing that i probably would've rejected any offer that wasn't civil anyway.

    Ah well, there'll be another way for us to get into the civil field ;)
    Heya ^^

    Fail :/ I guess i shouldn't have made it so directed towards civil so i might've got something. Ah well, at least i tried. Did you get an interview for anything?
    shudddup :p it was good, sort of.
    some parts i aced, parts of it i was just waffling on, reckon i get get like a 17 though. they asked for an experiment we did in class =.= LOL
    how was yours? did it wreck your ship or did it float your boat? LOL =.=
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