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  • howd you goooo
    also coop things are out... what a waste of time and effort =.=
    why are you scared man you're totally gonna ace it :)
    study is going okay, i refuse to learn the cation anion khara tests they're so long and complicated and i don't give a #$%& what colour the freaking precipitate turns :mad1:
    but i love love love the whole cfc stuff so interestingg and i've learnt all the equations and stuff.. i really should've paid attention throughout the year it's actually interesting
    That maths joke in the Joke Time!!!!!! thread is hilarious! I loved it.

    DId you come up with that yourself? Because that was quite a sad little story about Pretty Polynomial. I hope she remembers her brackets next time...
    ninor do you know what time bonnyrigg library opens & closes?
    please don't reply to this in 2 hours or something =.=
    LOLL aww happy birthday!! how old is he now? old enough for his bar mitzvah??
    jarreh why don't you think back to when you were younger.. were you not annoying, loud and retarded?? :p

    ninorr i used my dad's phone to take photos of stuff today, and they're so prettty i gotta show you :D. and he asked what i wanted as a post-hsc present and he's gonna get me a really nice camera, like those proper photography ones :):)

    and not all women have retarded bodies.. mine's normal.. LOL the amount of smart arse comments you could say to this :uhoh:
    ever tried studying when your sister is dying in the room next door, vomitting and crying and almost fainting and you're the only one in the house looking after her? yeah it's not fun :mad1:
    don't lie buddy, the thread gets you excited.. in more ways than one

    yeah i am staying up arghhh i'm great with production of materials, went over acids + bases on the holidays but will revise it now, then sleep, then wake up early, then do the rest, then yeah.. should be good. then have to study legal..which i just started yesterday. omg i'm screwed argh
    ahh that's my man always the winner :eek:

    screw you, got me nervous for no reason.. alasas i'm gonna get one =.=

    i have to stay up tonight and learn freaking chem. shoot me. :mad1:
    what do you mean?
    p.s i just went to hamamas, got some good resources for med physics, you want?
    I have legal and economics left.. I'm scared bos might make Eco hard because it's happened with several exams :/ you hve two left aswell yeah? Or wait you do legal too?
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