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  • lollllllllllllllllll. I love how you say that :p always makes me laugh.. I loved it! Glad my elective question fit into what I studied :):) so fingers crossed: COME ON E4!!!!! rahhhhhhhh... How was your extension exam. Please kill it. please. You have to! And goodluck for chem n physics!! Hope you come first in th universe :p
    habibi i don't know how to break this to you, but you have a hsc chem exam in 2 and a half days... correct me if i'm wrong but you weren't too happy with your chem trials so stop playing your gay virtual soccer game and get chemical :mad1:
    this site is a bigger distraction than msn and facebook put together =.=
    3 games? how long does each game take...
    and i did nothing to get her angry.. she's having "a bad day" and that somehow allows her to chop my arm off and yell in my face for being "rude" when i was just trying to get the coffee out of the cupboard.. freak
    yeah sounds good, i like assassinations :eek:
    man i havn't watched a movie in ages... probably since after trials
    so i'm sitting outside studying away, very excited at my productiveness... and what do i hear? the sounds of my neighbours baby waking up... gah i really hate these pople
    oh and also my other neighbour, his daughter is a vet so they have random animals there ALL the time and i'm always hearing retarded animal noises... like pigs and ducks..
    my parents bought one of those outside swing couch thingos.. so i was sitting there reading over my legal notes and i started feeling sick... who the hell gets motion sickness over a swing?!?! why am i so retarded! my body still feels like it's movingg argh
    you know what
    i always go on my 'history' and open my bos profile to sign in, and there's never any new comments or anything, and then as soon as i log in you say something.. freaky

    anyway yeah i know it feels like normal exams... although i'm 10x less stressed.. odd
    lol ninor =.=
    1. "frans etc." ? that's one person you don't say etc. after one =.=
    2. their maths cohort ain't got nothing on me
    3. no worries, interject away you interjector
    4. tnt
    5. i'm a powerload
    6. tnt
    7. watch me explodeee
    lock up your daughter, lock up your wife, lock up your back door and run for your life
    cos i'm TNT i'm dynamiteee TNT and i'll win the fight :cool:
    cos i can't get guys our age so i've resorted to cute old men :(
    LOL nah they're my dads friends :)

    fifa pro aye.. you should be a football coach, the way you got me playing the field ;)
    you know what i hate, when my parents call and then after i hang up the phone rings straight away and i think it's them again so i pick up and say hello in a really annoyed voice, and then it always turns out to be some cute old person... gah i sound so rude
    just had a d&m with papa dearest.. i hope i do well i really don't wanna let them down :(
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