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  • 3/ what do you mean 'even' uws?!
    4/ i'd like to do usyd combined music/med, but that might be a bit out of my reach unfortuantely :(
    so uws is next atm, followed by unsw, uncle, monash and utas :)
    LOL yep yep i did. It wasn't that great anyway. pretty crap except for the UAI scaling thing which i pretty much understand from boredofstudies anyway. + i didnt get a stress ball :( the bloody bastards at TAFE ran out LOL oh and usyd didnt even have any faculty booklets :( rage :burn:
    LOL i quit msn cause it was too distracting. Plus i lost my 1st place in ext. eng which = epic rage LOL you're probably studying 6 hrs + regularly now eh?
    1/ is that usyd in your pic?
    2/ yes i'm maestro on mso
    3/ what med do you want to get into?
    ohhh... cheese! :cold:
    I guess... I'm willing to work hard...and persistently?
    I hope that's a good enough motive to do okay in preliminaries at least :(
    ('Cause I'd probably end up dropping one science in the end).
    What makes it difficult actually? The work itself or the demanding workload D:
    Thank you for the advicee!

    Helloooo there ! :D:D
    I'm planning to drop Information technology for physics (thus 6 units of science)
    I noticed you're doing all three sciences. How is it? D:
    Oh so you're reshad
    hahaha i'll say hi properly next time

    Edit: That was all meant to be in caps
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