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  • hey i saw ur message. lol when i got those preditions i was kinda disappointed but i realised those were just estimates and no matter what their estimate of my uai it doesnt really matter, so i just continued and tried my best =) my exteranl marks were around 2 marks higher then my internals, and i think they improved because i started using the syllabus properly and hence studied smart instead of just hard =P and yes my cohort was relatively strong, we jumped from 170 in 2007 to 90ish in 2008 in terms of ranking. Cheers =D
    Ah well i thank you for returning that favour ^^
    Ah true that, i forgot all about the distinction between ambient trance and vocal trance till i saw your list, felt like a fool lol.
    Holidays, quote unquote, treating you well?
    lol the viewing notes on itouch is obsolete to me. Balance? Right now the balance is 12 hrs sleep 6-10 hrs work which is basic compared to some crazy people i know LOL and maybe an hour exercise here and there. LOL nah i dont think im gonna get into med anyway cause im gonna do crap in umat... not that i really wanted to anyway - i lack compassion. LOL you're probably botting like crazy :p
    oh the -rep? its just i have a strong hatred for selective schools. ill try not to do that again as long as there is nothing significant about mentioning selective schools.
    Haha I'll be seeing you in ESP then.
    Nah the 3u test was only motion + Growth and Decay, and I fucked up. I did (really) well in the last 4 questions, but horribly in the first 3 which was where I lost most of my marks.
    My 4u test was just lol.

    Anyways, good luck for HSC. Yay.
    Ahaha I just got my 3u + 4u results back. I screwed them up so hard. Oh God I got 10 marks lower than the average for 4u, and I got around the average for 3u. Totally deserved it though.

    The exams in Intuition are ESP, gonna rely on them to lift me back up D:
    Good luck for your results!
    Ouch.. Oh well top 2-4 ranking is heaps good!
    My test was just Growth and Decay + all the motions. If I had binomials/P&C, I woulda gotten absolutely raped :fire:

    Oh well, I WAS ranked 4th. Now I'm probably like 15~ :(
    Alright, let's start doing some proper work. I'm kinda relying on ESP for 3u+4u+Physics. English I'll do fine by myself but I am HORRIBLE at Modern History. Band 4 here I come!
    Ahahaha stop bringing that up!
    I'm thinking I got like, 60-70%..
    How did I fuck up so much ==;;
    And I just changed my goal to 98 as well, better start catching up D:
    It's like, I burnt out but I found motivation again.

    I'm still fucked for intuition though..
    LOL ahahahaha
    It's my AIM, I'd be stoked with something higher.
    Although I haven't done any study in a long time :D
    I'm having a 4u assessment on Monday, we'll see how I go under my 'new study regime' (non existant)
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