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  • oh hi i got your visitor message, are you currently in year 12? umm commerce law at mq is not bad, i have to say law is pretty boring. uni life is definitely different to hsc, you are less pressured to do work but rather study at your own pace, so yes in times when your assessment free its pretty good. im transferring to unsw law because it is a more prestigious law school and great reputation, and i missed out on the uai cutoff by a few points last year. the law staff is OK, i find the tutors quite good but they have quite a few lecturers that have an accent so half the time i dont get what theyr saying.
    ahh kool, i basically like any genre atm, but only if they sound good :)

    and thanks :) good luck to you as well :)

    you listen to armin van buuren?
    hey i listen to armin van buuren, dj tiesto and basshunters mostly so pretty much in the category of electronica trance and for hardstyle.... its ok but i find it abit to predictable at times :)

    awww damn. I tried to find you too. Maybe next time aye =)
    I will call u next time we get an opportunity
    Pretty crap actually
    I have English Paper 2 tomorrow and I just started studying. FML
    I heard you did pretty good in Chem ;)

    Welcome back :D
    trials were really good, havnt got any results yet though, so might be getting some from tomorrow :)

    how did u go?? got any results back?
    lol, Commerce @ UNSW is awesomes ;)

    although, I do go to USYD on the odd occassion and see that there's different social environments between the 2 uni's. Course work is relatively the same.

    USYD is much more - social orientated so to speak. UNSW has a degere of social interaction - but is less than usyd. probably because of the actual university layout.

    personal preference for me was UNSW because it looked better (aesthetically appealing ) :p
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