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help lol

  1. Lith_30

    Vertical resisted motion question help

    How do I do part iv?
  2. Lith_30

    Vector equation question

    I need help with part a.
  3. Modern4DaBois

    PLs Help Question ASAP

    Sup can anyone pls help with these two Qs? Thanks!!!!
  4. Lith_30

    Auxillary method question

    How would I solve part a and b.
  5. Modern4DaBois

    PLs Complex Numbers Polynomials Questions ASAP Help PLS

    Can someone pls help with Question 17, and Question 16 (part d)? Thank you so much! 😀
  6. F

    help! I don't know what HSC subject to drop...

    Hi, I've started Year 12 content (technically still in year 11) and I can't decide whether I want to drop a subject and if so, which one. I am currently doing 12 units and THREE MAJOR WORKS (Drama, Society and Culture, Visual Arts) which is a lot but also I enjoy them more and much better at...
  7. T

    10 or 12 units - Year 12 2022

    hey everyone, just wondering are you guys doing 10 or 12 units. btw just incase you wanna help me with my crisis: I'm having a hard time deciding since everyone around me is either doing 10 or 11 units and I just recently dropped to 12 units and wasn't sure if I should just continue with the...
  8. A

    pls help with subject selection

    I really want to go into either med or the scientific field (because I love science) but I'm a little worried. I want to do 3 science subjects but both chem and physics require a good level of math. I lack some foundational parts of mathematics (since I used to miss a lot of school due to...
  9. L

    selective entry y10 2022

    idk if i should try out for ruse??? im currently in yr 9 and thinking of applying to baulko, ruse or girra for yr 10 2022 im a straight A student, DUX of my grade two years in a row, im in the school volleyball team, debating club, art club, ambassador. i do extra curriculars, such as piano and...