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help lol

  1. nia(ntiel)

    dr du B class worth it??

    ok soo im in year 10 and i sat the entrance test for du a few days ago and it didnt go as well as I thought it would. after spending time doing extensive research (reading on here, asking ppl and even calling the tuition) on what would be on the test i came to the conclusion that they'd test me...
  2. I

    Coping with bad teacher

    I'm sure everyone has had bad teachers within their life but since there's not really any teacher change in yr11/12, your kinda stuck if you have a bad teacher. Anyone have any tips on how to self study during class time if your teacher basically doesn't teach and just rambles on about the most...
  3. Bob99

    MCQ help

    Can someone explain why the answer is A. I thought the speed decreases and hence frequency increases c=fλ (B).
  4. Bob99

    2022 Physics QAT MCQ Doubt

    Answers say C I think it has to be A. Someone pls come to the rescue with the correct explanation.
  5. neqr1te

    Should I drop Maths Ext.1?

    So I got my marks back for the prelim yearlys and unfortunately I kinda flunked mx.1 (below 40% 😬).. I'm not sure what the average actually was but I do know that a lot of people I talked to got around the same or even lower than me. I can def say that I probably got a below average mark though...
  6. I


    Do any math prodigies on BOS have any tips for getting good at maths especially in a short amount of time without going to like 10 different tutoring centres? Please let me know what you guys have done cos I need to raise those marks!
  7. J

    Latex tikz

    Does anyone know any good resources to learn tikz and pgf, cause I can't seem to find a definitive guide online lol. Thanks!
  8. Bob99

    Trials Tips for english

    What to do if I open the exam booklet, and it's a question that I find hard to understand.
  9. B

    Scared of my ATAR

    Hi everybody! Recently my Mum has told me that she thinks I could possibly have inattentive ADHD. I have no idea if I do or if I don't, but I have tremendous difficulty completing assigned tasks, studying, and remaining focus throughout a lesson. There are other symptoms that I relate to and...
  10. A

    Physics or Biology for prelim and hsc?

    So Im currently in year 10 choosing my subjects for year 11 and 12. As the title suggests, im a bit conflicted with choosing between either bio or physics. Ive already decided on math advanced, math extension 1, english advanced, economics, business studies and chemistry. Most of these are...
  11. I

    help PIP name

    I need help choosing a title for my personal interest project, which is about the struggles multicultural individuals experience - My first chapter is about the struggles; identity, beliefs and socialisation process - The second chapter is about cultural assimilation in Australia, specifically...
  12. Bob99

    Mass defect of nuclear fission/fusion

    I am a bit confused about the mass defect occurring from nuclear fission/fusion reactions. Online sources + textbooks say that the products of a nuclear fusion reaction will have less mass than the reactants, and will release energy in relation to E=mc^2. But in my matrix book, they are saying...
  13. I


    Hey Everyone! I'm currently in the midst of completing my personal interest project for my society and culture class. I would like to obtain at least 50 responses. It would be much appreciated if you could participate in the questionnaire, it will only take less than 5 mins. It's regarding the...
  14. emmi.e

    accelerated student and im really screwed for the chem hsc

    Hi guys, I am in a really tough spot right now, I recently moved to a senior high school and I have obviously been adjusting really terribly cause my grades have absolutely plummeted. I have 'completed' almost three HSC tasks for the chem HSC this year and I haven't gotten past 30% for either of...
  15. lucywills24

    The Tempest Quote: technique urgent help will smith confirmed

    Hi... yes, I can't seem to find any techniques in this very butchered quote that has been chopped up but it's fine. If anyone could please give me some ideas that would be very much appreciated, I know there are techniques however my brain is severely fried... thanks! “Abhorred slave… I pitied...
  16. #26MysteryMarker

    Bachelor of Economics- Bachelor of Laws

    Hey guys, As you may know, entry into USYD eco-law is very competitive (arguably on par with medicine at other unis). Does anyone know how big the intake is every year? and if someone actually does this right now, what are your experiences? (pros/cons, regrets, advice etc.) Thanks.
  17. Lith_30

    Perpendicular formula help

    How do I use the perpendicular distance formula in part iv, I don't really know which values I need to sub in.
  18. Modern4DaBois

    Help Pls with this Q

    I get the first two parts. Those are ez. But how would you go about proving the third one? @jimmysmith560 help lol
  19. Lith_30

    Vertical resisted motion question help

    How do I do part iv?