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  1. Stuck In 2020

    Can someone explain to me how the depth studies work?

    I saw that In the Physics (2017) Syllabus It says that "15 hours must be allocated to depth studies within the 120 indicative course hours." Does this mean that we are required to have 15 hours of class time to complete our depth study? Or 15 hours of class time covering subject material...
  2. V

    Please do my PIP survey:

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could answer my survey regarding how digital media has transformed parasocial relationships and the negative ramifications of them. You do not have to answer every question but some are required for research purposes. Anyone who has any understanding of the...
  3. P

    URGENT HELP! Offer Rounds!

    HELP!!!! I got an offer to study at UNSW for Commerce. However, that was my fourth preference. My first was UNSW Double Law, but I didn't receive an offer. I want to accept the offer so I have a foot in the door and can potentially study Law after transferring, but I am still hoping to receive...
  4. S

    Looking for help on how to approach an interview

    I made the interview for Sydney Grammar recently and I wasn't sure how to approach the interview. I was wondering if I could get some tips to prepare for it. 😅
  5. 9

    Shitty internals VS good HSC result

    It's doing my head in--my school which ranks at around top 50 in NSW really fluctuates every year because we rely on the cohorts' ability to do well (it's not a selective high so...). My internal marks are not looking too well and while I ranked in top 3 in all my subjects during year 11, I had...
  6. SadCeliac

    Help with Trials question: interpreting a disassembler?

    Hi all! This below question was in one of the trial papers from my teacher. If anyone could provide an explanation / walkthrough guide on how to approach this I would greatly appreciate it! Part 1: Part 2: Thank you!!!
  7. I

    Coping with bad teacher

    I'm sure everyone has had bad teachers within their life but since there's not really any teacher change in yr11/12, your kinda stuck if you have a bad teacher. Anyone have any tips on how to self study during class time if your teacher basically doesn't teach and just rambles on about the most...
  8. B

    Scared of my ATAR

    Hi everybody! Recently my Mum has told me that she thinks I could possibly have inattentive ADHD. I have no idea if I do or if I don't, but I have tremendous difficulty completing assigned tasks, studying, and remaining focus throughout a lesson. There are other symptoms that I relate to and...
  9. I

    help PIP name

    I need help choosing a title for my personal interest project, which is about the struggles multicultural individuals experience - My first chapter is about the struggles; identity, beliefs and socialisation process - The second chapter is about cultural assimilation in Australia, specifically...
  10. goblinslayer


    What are two separate words for ‘faster and cheaper’ that rhyme?
  11. H

    Chronic Kidney Disease Graph analysis question

    After examining Sally-Anne’s symptoms, her nephrologist requested further tests. The results of her Serum Creatinine test and Creatinine Clearance test gave a GFR value of 20. The following graphs show some relationship between Serum Creatinine, Creatinine Clearance and eGFR (estimated...
  12. M


    HEY GUYS, I need some advice. After my first 2 assessment blocks, I'm losing hope in actually getting a good atar ( 85+). These are my subjects: - Advanced Maths - Very Below Average Mark - Advanced English - High Average Mark - SAC - Top 10 Rank -Physics - Bottom Rank Probably - Economics -...
  13. I

    PIP help :)

    I'm currently in the midst of writing my Personal Interest Project for my SAC class. I've decided to focus on how multicultural adolescents struggle with their identity but I've gotten stuck with my chapter topics since my topic doesn't have much room to expand. I was thinking for my first...
  14. Lith_30

    Perpendicular formula help

    How do I use the perpendicular distance formula in part iv, I don't really know which values I need to sub in.
  15. emmi.e

    First Year 12 Exam tomorrow, but I don’t know anything???

    Hey everyone, im a Year 11 student but im accelerating in Chemistry. I’m doing Module 7 right now which is Organic Chemistry, tomorrow is my first Year 12 exam on this topic and its worth 25% which i think is a lot. Im screwed, basically, because i started school a week ago and already theres an...
  16. A

    Early Entry Schemes for a 2022 HSC student?

    So I'm interested in applying for early entry schemes for the 2022 HSC and university pages point me towards the UAC website to the SRS (student recommendation scheme). Being the idiot that I am, I missed the deadline. Is there anything I can do now to still access an early entry scheme? or am...
  17. Lith_30

    Vertical resisted motion question help

    How do I do part iv?
  18. Lith_30

    Vector equation question

    I need help with part a.
  19. I

    q 25 2020 h&c chem = suffering

    Hi guys! I just wanted to make sure I fully understand the answer to question 25 from last years paper. Is it true that we can say the point of intersection between the two graphs is the equivalence point because it shows where the reaction goes from producing a specific amount of energy per...
  20. F

    help! I don't know what HSC subject to drop...

    Hi, I've started Year 12 content (technically still in year 11) and I can't decide whether I want to drop a subject and if so, which one. I am currently doing 12 units and THREE MAJOR WORKS (Drama, Society and Culture, Visual Arts) which is a lot but also I enjoy them more and much better at...