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help please

  1. A

    Early Entry Schemes for a 2022 HSC student?

    So I'm interested in applying for early entry schemes for the 2022 HSC and university pages point me towards the UAC website to the SRS (student recommendation scheme). Being the idiot that I am, I missed the deadline. Is there anything I can do now to still access an early entry scheme? or am...
  2. Lith_30

    Vertical resisted motion question help

    How do I do part iv?
  3. Lith_30

    Vector equation question

    I need help with part a.
  4. X

    Does it matter of you go to a prestigious university?

    Currently finished year 12 and I've accepted offers into advanced medical science at western and medical science/ cognitive and brain sciences at Macquarie. I'm still indecisive on which to go to and made pros and con list I'm leaning more to western since I like the program more there but I'm...
  5. I

    q 25 2020 h&c chem = suffering

    Hi guys! I just wanted to make sure I fully understand the answer to question 25 from last years paper. Is it true that we can say the point of intersection between the two graphs is the equivalence point because it shows where the reaction goes from producing a specific amount of energy per...
  6. F

    help! I don't know what HSC subject to drop...

    Hi, I've started Year 12 content (technically still in year 11) and I can't decide whether I want to drop a subject and if so, which one. I am currently doing 12 units and THREE MAJOR WORKS (Drama, Society and Culture, Visual Arts) which is a lot but also I enjoy them more and much better at...
  7. C

    Notes or Practice Responses for Nuclear Age

    Hi, does anyone happen to have any notes or practice responses for the topic, Nuclear Age? Kinda struggling with the topic atm 😅
  8. C

    HELP HELP PLEASE PLEASEEEEE!! Ineffectiveness of the ACCC and NCAT?

    Hey guys I really need help with what is a limitation of the ACCC in achieving justice for consumers. I want to talk about how it is not a deterrent for large companies but I don't know how to elaborate more on that point and I need help with finding evidence to support this :( Also, what would...
  9. C

    can i get an 80 atar with these ranks?

    currently breaking down over trying to get an 80 atar as my mental health slowly but surely declines but here are my subjects and ranking: biology: 7/29 chemistry:13/21 english:38/62 (horrific i know) legal:6/22 maths: 11/35 school ranking: 120-150s amnt of ppl in my grade:110-120ish
  10. 0

    PIP quick SURVEY

    Hey yall, could you please do my questionnaire for my society and culture mini PIP. It's about cultural identity for immigrants in Australia. It takes around 2 minutes to complete. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.:sun: The link is in my profile posts because boredofstudies doesn't...
  11. A

    too late for a good atar? pls help (desperate)

    Hi, I have just started my 3rd term of year 12 and I am currently freaking out - so any help would be much appreciated. I have not been doing well so far and was wondering if there is any hope for me. I managed to procrastinated big time for the past 2 terms so have a bunch I need to catch up...
  12. Dark Carnage

    How to catch up to year 11 advanced math?

    Next year, I'm going to year 11 and I'm going to advanced math. I'm struggling right now, because I have a lot of gaps in my knowledge, because I didn't really pay attention in class, and because of that, I didn't understand much of the material. Is there anyway, I can catch up by filling all...
  13. M

    Help with my multimodal task?

    My multimodal question for the eng adv common module is; "Our experiences are defined by a tension between a yearning to belong and a desire for freedom. Evaluate the extent to which your prescribed and related texts support this statement" My prescribed text is Merchant of Venice and my...
  14. A

    Need Related 'Merchant Of Venice' Text

    Hey so I've got a multi-model English Adv speech due in two weeks where we need to compare the Merchant Of Venice to a related text. I was thinking on doing a short story on love and prejudice but I cant find anything Anyone have related text ideas?
  15. C


    hey guys can anyone please read through my short answers it'll be highly appreciated? :(
  16. C

    Jersey name ideas

    Hey everyone! So I'm known for being very short and sassy, I have come to two jersey name ideas so could you guys please choose which one you think is best. Short&sassy funsized A lot of people told me to get funsized but im worried it would seem sexual and people would misinterpret it...