1. R

    Should I pick History Extension?

    Hi, I am a Year 11 student currently doing modern history and i am indecisive as to pick up History Extension in Year 12. For some context, i absolutely love history and everything to do with history (including the philosophy) and this passion makes me wanna pick up History Extension. From...
  2. H

    Should I choose Modern History or CAFS for my year 11 and 12 subjects

    As the title said, I am in a bit of a dilemma as my history teacher believes that I should consider a history subject but I'm way too hesitant on it because I worry it is way too content loaded. I know CAFS scale low but it would not matter if I would be able to rank first or just do well in...
  3. goodcat911

    English Short Answer Section

    What's the best way to prepare for the unseen text short answer section (Paper 1)? Is there a checklist or smth that u can follow to get the marks, and how important is it that i memorise lots of literary/visual techniques? If the skills for doing well in that section come from entirely just...
  4. goodcat911

    Old Proofs to Know

    What are some good old proofs to know that have been or could be used in the hsc previously? I know about some of them like Basel's formula, Wilson's theorem, Squeeze theorem and crap but anyone got a list or smth of interesting ones to know (that are not too crazy)?
  5. goodcat911

    Helping a Cohort

    Is it worth helping your cohort (pooling resources, helping with questions etc. with everyone in the grade) in the hsc? I understand that a good cohort would make internals a lot less stressful (as a low internal rank would be less demotivating), but helping also would take time and energy...
  6. goodcat911

    HSC Sample Answers

    How far off are the sample answers on the nesa website? If a student responded to a question exactly, or similar to how the sample answer suggests, would they risk losing marks for that question? I heard they provided a low-band 6 response, or a minimum for full marks for any given question but...
  7. goodcat911

    pascal patel 4u textbook

    if anyone has a pdf copy of it, pls dm thx
  8. A

    uni degree/course help PLS!!!

    Hi, I've been thinking of doing a double degree in science and business, and looking at these options: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business (at UNSW or UTS) My current subjects I do are chemistry, business studies and economics. I was originally only planning to do something in...
  9. Unleashedtuition

    Are you ready to unleash YOUR potential?

    Hello! Thank you for your interest in my profile. I am Ava, a 2021 HSC graduate, and am ready to help you reach your academic and personal goals and post-school aspirations. I graduated from Oxley College, Burradoo in 2021 as Dux of the College and recipient of the prestigious Oxley Award. I...
  10. O

    Fractional distillation of Air

    What is the equation of the fractional distillation of air to get nitrogen gas??
  11. M

    Birkelande eyde process and frank caro process

    How were birkelande eyde and frank caro processes used to produce ammonia
  12. A

    ASAP HELP - can some1 explain how we can use colorimetry to find keq

    im confused between how beer lambert law would come into play when we are calculating the concentration of a substance, and by extension the keq. isn't using calorimetry simply like creating standard solutions, using a calorimeter to find their absorbance and plotting all of this into a...
  13. A

    ASAP - titration - rinsing equipment question

    what do you rinse the burette and pipette with, also why do we wash the conical flask which holds the analyte initially with dimin water (distilled water) and then finally with the solution it was holding. also by finally it would have both analyte and the titrant being used so what do you wash...
  14. A

    Suggestions For Related Text - Common Mod: Text and Human Experience

    Hey there, I have an upcoming multimodal to do for the common module. Schools doing 1984 by george orwell but the multimodal needs to be on a related text, with some connections to 1984. If possible can anyone provide suggestions for a related text?
  15. A

    Q regarding non-equilibrium systems

    If possible can someone explain how they would answer this question, "Explain why combustion and photosynthesis are examples of non-equilibrium reactions. Include an equation in your answer. "
  16. C

    Help me do my PIP questionnaires. TYSM!

    Hello everyone! I'm doing an across generation studies ( Gen X vs Gen Z) research on advertising. Could you lovely people help me fill out these questionnaires and share it with everyone!? Since I need 60 responses. That would be greatly appreciated, Thank you so much! :))
  17. H


    I didnt know that whiteout was not allowed in the hsc exams and the supervisors didnt say anything about it even though they looked at what I had for the exam multiple times. So I used it for English, japanese beginners and mathematics. Will it affect my mark and will I get penalised for it?
  18. K

    Too late?

    Hello, The HSC is just around the corner and I'm a little lost on what to do with my lack of motivation to succeed in it, though not for the reason that I am completely unable to do so. Here's a little bit of context. I go to a school that is consistently within the top 10 of the state each...