1. N


    Hey friends, I'm planning on studying commerce and computer science at either UNSW or USYD next year (wish I could consider UTS but they don't have the two degrees combined). My main concern is...WHICH ONE DO I PICK FROM THE 2 AAAAAAAAAAA. The matters put forth are: 1) Which course is...
  2. burningfortime

    UTS Co-op BIT scholarship 2021

    Hey, I don't think anyone has discussed this yet for this year (if there is already a thread, my bad) but I just wanted to see how everyone else is doing for their written application!! Also, if i dont have any prior IT experience or extra-circular, would you guys reckon I still have a chance...
  3. A


    I am planning to eventually get into Medicine through GAMSAT after completing a bachelor degree. However I am stuck picking from either, the Bachelor of Med Science at Macquarie OR the Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Pre-Med) at UTS.
  4. M

    Any does architecture? Which uni?

    Hi! I am a recent high school graduate and received offers into design in architecture courses at UTS, USYD and UNSW. I am really confused about which uni to go to. I personally prefer UTS because of the many pros I have heard of it including; the more personalized experience due to small...
  5. Helpme2244

    Would doing a business degree at UTS actually be useful in getting a job?

    I'm torn between UTS degrees right now, I've been alternating between business and bcii with a major in marketing or science in IT with bcii and major in cybersecurity. I'm not sure which one is a better investment? I heard that to get a job in cybersecurity I gotta do a bunch of external exams...
  6. M

    Usyd vs WSU vs UTS vs ACU nursing

    I was thinking of going to ACU for nursing since I heard their nursing course is pretty good and they are opening up a Blacktown campus nxt yr so I don’t have to travel much. However, some people have told me to do nursing at Usyd due its prestige. What uni should be my first preference? I’m...
  7. Pablo_35

    Need Some Advice ! (University Pathways)

    Hello members of BOS ! So right now i am deciding on which course i should get into and tranfer into Bachelor of Software Engineering at UTS (LSR of 82.45) just in case my ATAR does not make the cut. These are the courses i am considering right now: Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours)...
  8. G

    UTS Health Science Students

    I am currently studying an undergraduate Bachelor of Health Science degree at UTS and hope to later become a physiotherapist. What are the steps involved to become a physiotherapist from this degree. Can I transfer courses or go to a different uni like USYD to study physio or do I have to...
  9. T

    UTS vs UNSW (design/communications)

    Hi I am currently a year 12 student (2020) and I'm looking into courses mainly at UTS and UNSW. These are some courses that I'm interested in, does anyone have any info or reviews on them (especially bdes at UTS)? - Bachelor of design (visual communications) @ UTS - Bachelor of communication...
  10. U

    UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-Operative) Scholarship 2020

    Hi! With cadetship and scholarship applications opening up, it's a great time to think about your options after high school. I'm pleased to announce that the UTS Bachelor of Accounting (Co-operative Scholarship) Program - or BAcc, for short - will be open for applications on Sunday 1st March...
  11. K

    USYD vs UNSW vs UTS Engineering - which uni is the best?

    Hello! I'm a 2019 graduate and I've gotten offers from USYD, UNSW and UTS for a B Engineering(honours)/B Business (eng/med sci at usyd tho). I am planning to major in Electrical Engineering. I have to finalise my decision soon bc classes start in February and I have no clue which uni to attend...
  12. B

    Nursing at UTS? (Atar requirements)

    Hi, I'm currently in year 12 at the moment and about to do HSC in about a month or so. I'm hoping to do a bachelor of nursing at UTS next year, and I'm just a little concerned about atar requirements. On the UTS website, it states that a selection rank of 82.10 is needed for entry, but I have...
  13. S

    Bachelor of Science vs Bachelor of Medical Science

    I was just wondering if anyone had any information relevant to these courses for my current situation: I'm currently studying Bachelor of Biotechnology Bachelor of Business and was hoping to switch to Bachelor of Medical Science and Business for 2020. However upon checking the course structure...