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    earnest q for math dorks

    do u think spending half ur time studying just 1/2 units of math and competing against superstudy azns is a good investment of your time?
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    Having a hard time staying positive-tips on stress management?

    if u stress out ur brains farting out cortisol and this shit stunts ur growth and they damage ur chromosomes u will literally become a stunted manlet retard if u stress out and u will expire gracelessly at age 65 from a heart problem enjoy your day xd
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    for any shortbros out there i got some tips for you, ask your doctor for HGH lets be honest here, no girl wants short guys, like people under 170 cm are literally considered subhumans HGH is a growth hormone that makes you grow taller, makes your brain bigger, and makes your heart bigger...
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    How to become a university lecturer?

    most professors i know are miserable people enjoy wasting 10 years of your life doing shit that noone cares out the best 10 years of your life
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    advice for people in school

    1. Read the student made notes in the BOS resources. 2. The EXCEL past exam question and solution book for some subjects is a very good read. Read the book properly and you will be fine. 3. It is deceptively easy to get a high ATAR. I knew people who literally did NOTHING the whole year and...
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    Need advice on calculators that don't have slow input when entering long formula.

    the uni section is dead i came here for the nerds advice and its what im getting
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    Need advice on calculators that don't have slow input when entering long formula.

    My Casio fx-82AU is simply too slow when dealing with integrals and 2nd moment of area calculation inputs. Does anyone know what calculator brand (preferably scientific) and model are able to handle long formula as such without the calculator acting slow?
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    sup nerds

    friend of bineals ip range ban for calling madmins mad
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    sup nerds

    you better find something to do in these 4 months dont waste them i'd know :awesome:
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    Rate the Difficulty

    whats with all these nerds posting their atar epeens and shit i thought that shit died
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    Ahh what an easy test

    nah im messing, i dont even go to school L0L i'm talking about fluid mechanics A, that was a good test reynolds and froude number similitude is gangster easy
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    MATH2065, STAT2012 resources?

    math2065? easy? LOL AVOID THAT COURSE
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    Chemical Engineering @ USYD - A Complete overview

    FYI nerds, don't listen to OP. Just some paid asshole working for the uni. Chem eng is a joke for the whole faculty to laugh at. Chem eng =engineering for women