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Recent content by dark`secrets

  1. dark`secrets

    Questions from a prospective student! (please help)

    the immunisation records becomes evidence plus any serology tests you did for the levels. Just double check with mantoux.. some people say its done yearly whilst others say they're not. just double check the policy to see which one it is. I dont think its yearly though.
  2. dark`secrets

    Foods that make you go 'eww'...

    onions lol
  3. dark`secrets

    Questions from a prospective student! (please help)

    Ooooooo i liked the polo shirts lol just wear a singlet undearneath hahha good to see you guys are enjoying it. ask tonnes of questions whilst on prac and get yourself into everything you can.. best place to learn are one the wards! :)
  4. dark`secrets

    Studying at Kuring-gai

    just a question.. are they closing down the KG campus soon? dont worry you dont have to attend many classes at all for third yr nursing
  5. dark`secrets

    Autumn Graduation

    yep 100% sure it is as i got the same msg.
  6. dark`secrets

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Ooo just got my daith done today :D
  7. dark`secrets

    nursing offers (2008)

    tad late but congrats!
  8. dark`secrets

    White slip-on shoes!

    ive seen them at a number of "mainstream" shoe stores at parra. for $25 and they are rabens too.. lol sif jack up the prices
  9. dark`secrets

    Piercings and Tattoos

    madd $10 piercing.. does that include the rook piercing? stupid question :s
  10. dark`secrets

    hello all!

    hey guys! good luck with your results :)
  11. dark`secrets

    General UTS chit-chat

    Re: The UTS 'Secks and w00t holidays!' Thread *sigh i start a week earlier than everyone else! i start on the 23rd! :(
  12. dark`secrets

    What's your job and how much you earn?

    age 20 job: Assistant in nursing casual pool pay: $15.96
  13. dark`secrets

    Saw 4

    Saw I was awesome..the others werent so great
  14. dark`secrets

    I hate Pathophysiology :(

    Im sure u guys would at least pass, same shit happen to me.