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  • thanks for being my friend, i hope you and i become great buddies after what i said in that post lol :)
    Same!!! Photography classes and DSLR are both on my list of things to do/buy this year. Haha yeah english accents are nice until you here the "chav" or bogan versions. My dad just went to India and visited a couple of ancient temples, the photos are aaa-mazing.
    I think I've said this before but: your trip is making me jealous lol. Looking back at this 3 month break I feel like I've wasted it doing nothing productive :(.
    Same boat as you, desperately need a job to alleviate my boredom. Uni in around 3 weeks, excited??
    I have two cities in my mind Sydney and Melbourne. Lets see I am going to apply in Macquarie and Victoria Uni..
    hey again :).
    Yeah Med-Commerce is a massive change but I have great interest in both so hopefully it all works out. Like I said medicine is definitely what I would be happiest doing though, so I'll keep trying lol.
    Wow your trip plans are brilliant!! I definitely want to travel the world too, see all the unique things different countries have to offer (and take lots of photos :D).
    Well yeah I think I go overseas often enough, about once every 1-2 years. I've been to Malaysia and Singapore but only for a couple of days each. I went to England for four months when I was around 9, which was awesome!! And your definitely not a travelling noob anymore. I'd love to go to Cambodia, see the ancient temples. Visiting orphanages must've been emotional right??
    Yeah. Lol.. I was about to ask you on this cricket stuff.. I a m big follower of cricket. You would be amazed to know, I don't support Pak team, instead I am with Australia :D

    The life here sucks and people are just !@@$#$%^. So I have no emotional attachment with them.

    Congrats Aussies on thrashing Pakistanis ;)

    Emma as for my education I did A levels in 2008 which equals 12 years of Australian education. Now I am planning on coming down under.
    Yeah, today's beach was phenomenal. The weather forecasts saying it was gonna rain kept people away, however, weather ended up being awesome. :D Then we crashed at a mates until arvo, and I'm now at home.

    Yeah, I'm excited to go to Uni. A tad nervous, I don't like new experiences etc, however, still excited. :D
    Hahahaa, thanks. How you doing? Off to Newcastle yet?

    I'm good, been going out and stuff. In fact, beach again today. :)
    That's really so nice of you to ask me how am I :) Coz nowadays all seems so indifferent to others probs. I find hard to find such ppl.
    Yeah I went to doc today and he has given me medicines and restricted me to not eat any junk food.
    Wow, your schoolies trip sounds fantastic!! And that's some great aspirations you have, I hope it all works out perfectly for you :). I also wanted to get into Medicine this year but my UMAT failed me :(. Then I had a bit of a tricky decision to make: whether to do a science course and try GAMSAT etc or a commerce course (both attract my interest). I went with the commerce one because if I don't end up getting into med through GAMSAT then I didn't want to be a researcher/etc. Looking back on it, it may seem that I have a lack of motivation for the med field but I'm pretty sure it's what I would be happiest doing. I'll try UMAT again every year lol and then GAMSAT as last resort.
    No doubts on your motivation though. Gee I'd like to go on a trip like that. I have been to India though so I've definitely experienced the third world and the urge that you get to help people.
    Haha, I'll make sure of it.
    Yeah, again i think i took the super long way so 10 mins would most likely be more accurate.
    You to, let me know how it goes!
    Haha, by friend I mean girlfriend. She normally treks it most places with me when i ask.

    Well, when i went to the open-day it took me a solid 20-30 minutes or so, but i think i may have took the long way around the physics block.

    By the way, the 8th was right for me i checked the letter again. Looks like our subjects are all on separate days.
    Ahh ok. The realization that we got accepted will kick in once we get our student cards haha.
    Apparently we have to spend a few hours in enrollment..

    Yeah I'll most likely see you on the train there . We can't bring anyone just say friends to the enrollment day can we?
    I got the train to Callaghan on the open day ( Huge waste of time ), trek and a half from Warrabrook station to the great hall. Hopefully this time it will be worth it!
    Hey :). No worries about the rep and yes I remember you too. HSC went very well for me, exceeded my expectations tbh. I got 99.05. Congrats on your ATAR as well!! As for my plans in 2010, B Commerce at UNSW for me. I see your doing Biomedical Science - are you a budding researcher, prospective doctor, or something else?
    Yeah i know hey, majoring in Chem / Bio looks super interesting to.

    To be honest, if i get offered B.Science in Feb Rounds I'm taking it hands down.
    Haha yeah, i walked down the back to school isle at coles at the Bay and it made me cringe.

    I have no idea why i said open day or the 8th, just lots of Uni stuff on my mind at the moment, i actually ment the 2nd of Feb for the enrollment day :) But yeah i'll be there

    I don't really know why we need to go for an enrollment day, seeing as we enroll online?
    I've actually considered switching to a B.Science degree instead, i don't think my math is up to scratch to attempt an engineering degree at the moment which is a drag..

    I think I'm going to talk to a few people on the orientation day to see what they think, because i know there is a few avenues i can go down if i don't meat the assumed knowledge of math for B.Computer Science, but who knows!

    Are you going to the open day on the 8th?

    Having a math reference on the train will be awesome :) haha.
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