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  • cmon now, i was being sincere lol

    geez, you know how to have the last word in dont ya? lol
    who you calling arab? im not one those eww!!!!

    im a true blue aussie, i plan to stay that way

    thats ludicrous man...like...what the hell :(
    dont neg me...then ill feel hated by you -_-

    only haters neg rep i want...not my dear friends lol
    hahaha i swear the way you talk i can pick up straight away you come from an arab decent lol

    picature is obvious so is shizzle and brah lol

    yea i want top red rep, someone has to do it someday and im up for it

    darn, why wont pplz neg me anymore i gotta long way still lol

    tc cyas:)
    lol, sounds u had fun, i been on this shit all day, let alone organising some other shit for uni

    i feel like a fatshit goin on this bos thing i think i shud take a break from it lol, its getting boring humiliating everyone on ther..ohwell

    ofcourse, i wouldnt be that way to u, ura good friend:)
    hahaha, everytime i ask maccas for water in larger cup, they insist they give it to me in small size

    so im like..ye wateva...tightasses lol

    do much today?
    Yeah I'll probably just do the GAMSAT. I'm pretty keen for graduate med.
    Though the GAMSAT sound pretty intense. Like it's a 5 hour exam or something. It's pretty nuts. haha
    Haha just a little bit :p I was thinking about doing biomed, but BSc has more flexibility in the structure.
    Yeah I'm planning on doing graduate medicine at USyd after this degree
    cool! I'm doing a B Science, but I'm doing HUBS1403 & 1404 this yeah as electives.
    What are you going to get into after you degree?
    dunno why it took me so long to realise that u had tried to add me. When did u send the request?
    thats just a taste of engineering maths lol

    infact...first yr level lol, it gets uglier lol
    you forget quite alot of the simple things in maths coz ur doing much harder things lol

    its emberassing forgetting how to solve simultaneous equations...thats why i use matrix methods to do em, or matlab lol
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