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  • lol. too late!

    i didnt go to the BBQ, i went and sat with school mates.

    I met 2 girls in biomed today with the name Emma.

    Which one were u?
    Yeah, where going to have some long days...
    I'm getting the train every day. Would cost way to much for fuel to just drive every day which sucks because it's such an effort getting up at 6 every day just to get there in time for a 9AM lecture. :( But yeah, i may see you regularly through out the week. :)

    Haha thats lucky! You get to avoid public transport for at least a day :p
    Haha yeah i must have.
    I was on my way to Tuggerah, so towards the city.

    I rekon, i was going to introduce myself but hesitated. Lucky i did i would have looked rather stupid haha.
    Um yeah I'm as prepared as I'll ever be, how about you?
    I'm dreading the early morning start, my first lecture is at 9AM. :(
    I swear i seen you on the train yesterday. There were a group of girls talking about university etc and mentioned Bio-med and thought i heard the name Emma! :)
    yeah id say it will be heaps relaxed

    ive got a laptop and a nice case for it, but its an 'over the shoulder' type one. Not only do i think theyre unfomfortable, but i think they look scabby. Might just carry it like a briefcase.

    dont know how much i will need the laptop though. thats something i will figure out next week i suppose.
    yeah its good it not too big.


    i guessed it was emma or emily. (in fact i think i read ur name in a recent post of urs a while back).

    im gonna be shittin myself on monday. i havnt even figured out what kinda stuff im gonna take notes on and all that. o well.
    ok then. will wear something that stands out.

    LOL im prolly the most contemporary 'dresser' ever.

    Btw - my names not sam, its matt.

    the reason why i called my username sam is cos i made it at school (to get a resource) and for fun i put it as my mates name.
    yeah i suppose, im not workin too much so i can enjoy it.

    Hope to meet u someday. There just seemed like so many people :-(
    yeah there were muslims (2) in front of me to my right, and i was pretty much in the dead centre of MS202.

    So u were up the back on the right? Cant put a face to u.

    bar on the hill was ok, but i wont be spending much time there. Between uni, work and leisure, i will be fucked at the end of each day.
    yeah i left early, but i went with a few guys to the bar on the hill and walked around a bit.

    MS202 was a little room. I was next to the dude in the green shirt who said he was from victoria (wodonga). The canditature was different to what i thought - muslims but no hot chicks. They were all in nursing :-(

    In fact some of the kids seemed bland, but then again i was prolly the same lol. Im shy unless im with pple i know well.
    that sounds pretty sweet dear

    u sound soo excited for uni like u cant wait lol, thats sweet, good for u dear, when u reach 2nd or 3rd yr, u will be like...great here we go again

    its like doin hsc all over again but only harder when exam time comes up, its reall stressful lol

    im goin to miss these holidays too...*sigh* i wont be using bos during uni, i have to much to do then waste time with a bunch of losers..not you dear..ur special :)

    i juz dont wana procastinate and get dumb and fail thats why i wont be using it wen uni starts..lol

    well talk soon, cya :)
    Haha, I'm the same with my Thursday lecture, all that way for one lecture?
    That's lucky you rang!

    I'm really not looking forward to this intense time table, i hope it's not as full on as it looks.
    Oh, do you have msn?
    Hey, for some reason i decided to keep B.CompScience. I guess with a little bit more work i should be alright with the math. :)

    The registration day for our actual classes ( excluding math ) is now the 18th which is a drag, but i registered for the math tutes today and I'm not really happy with my time table. Theres alot of squishing together lectures / tutes with minimal breaks and i have to go 5 days a week. For the majority of my six hour days i have an hour break which will be horrible.

    How did you go for registering with your tutes?
    i knowww, my time table's the same. but at least I'm at ourimbah campus on mondays :D
    thats good that you got the ones you wanted :)
    I'am good, sounds like you are having fun lol

    how have you been, was hot today wasnt it?
    Yeah I got the tut that I wanted. I was kinda scared though, cause it was taking so long to load. ha

    What about you?
    Ah nice, yeh about 1/2 my grade that got into uni are going to Callaghan, the other half to Ourimbah.
    Callaghan has a few courses that aren't available at Ourimbah too, Electrical Engineering and some others.
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