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  • Haha, yeah I'm looking for a job aswell but refuse to work in anything related to food, so its hard to find anything worth doing in this area!
    Really? What level of math are you proficient at? It would be great having a local tutor would be really convenient :)

    Here's a list of the math thats undertaken in B.CS, let me know if your familiar with it!

    Discrete Mathematics (MATH1510) / Course Handbook / The University of Newcastle, Australia
    Bachelor of Computer Science / Program Handbook / The University of Newcastle, Australia ( Just scroll down until you see Year 1 directed courses )
    I hope so. I'm getting sick of the holidays with all my mates working, gets to be a drag after a while.
    Haha, forgetting to read is always a positive
    I got a horde of mail from UAC / UNCLE yesterday, was strange, i got two of the same letters.. maybe i missed out the bridging course one?
    I'm not really sure what they cover hey. From what i heard they just bombard you with notes and such to get you off the ground, but I'm not really sure. I'm taking the MATH bridging course I'm pretty sure, along with some solid tutoring through-out the year [IMG]
    Yeah, meeting new people will definitely be one of the perks of starting Uni!
    Jackson Sylvester would be the one.
    Argh, such a long wait until UNI starts, are you taking any bridging courses?
    Congrats! :)
    Haha, i live in Bonnells Bay aswell, small world hey! I always just say Morisset so people arn't like, huh, your from where?
    Yeah i went to Morisset High, but unfortunately I'm going solo to University seeing as i know nobody else who got accepted from my school.
    I'm good mates with Jackson ( If you knew him, he went to Avondale ).
    Hey, I just got accepted into B.Computer Science at Callaghan campus. I'm so ecstatic!
    Yeah, I'm Morisset born and bread haha, where abouts in Morisset do you live?
    Oh yeah and ofcourse, what degree are you doing this year? :)
    I'm doing science, then a master of teaching (that's the plan, anyway)
    I'm from sydney, and the only person i know in newy is my best friend. Applied for on campus but... slim pickings. I'll have to live in my imaginary car or rent a crappy place in wallsend (worldsend) or something, hey
    Hey, I'm heading off to UNCLE too :) what course are you going to do? living on campus?
    Yeah, Law with either Arts, Political Economic and Social Sciences, International and Global Studies OR Science.

    So I've got a lot to choose from. :)
    I got 99.85 - so I'm off to USyd Law. Unfortunately no scholarships, but I'll live. :)

    Marks ended up being: Phys 93 Chem 95 English Adv 95 Maths X1 98 Maths X2 97

    So I was pretty happy. :)

    I came 3rd in my school, and I think came first in Chem. :)

    Congratulations Emmcyclopedia. =D
    lol, no worries. Your posts are brilliant!
    PS, my exams are going along decently. Hope yours are going well too, Good Luck!!
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