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  • SAME, FAVE K BAND :) don't keep up as much as i used to do though haha, was really into them back in high school though
    LOL there i have a nice question located in the 3U marathon, the polynomials one haha :D

    ALSO, i got that question from 1980 HSC 4U question 2, so its 4U :D (or super harder 3U...), so its still 4U!
    hahahaha fuck, please mate, get your belly button sorted before you go around calling people ugly
    LOL there's nothing wrong with the vid in my opinion hahaha (I'm not an expert though). Don't demoralise yourself based on your vid peoples opinions vary quite widely and there's no way you're going to please everybody. Why crop out your face? You can't control your looks much so it's not your fault

    I was just curious and annoyed at why you continue to seek others' approval when you yourself seem to have so much confidence in yourself and your IQ lol
    I guess everybody does want attention, but not everybody wishes to attract attention to help propel their self importance to the point that others feel inferior.

    And I'm the drop dead gorgeous HAHSer who gets everybody turnin' round.
    Yeah there is bias when people are judging your video, definitely.

    Well society won't really yell "ATTENTION SEEKER" if you came off being humble in the first place. And what's wrong with being an attention seeker? Answer that yourself lol, and that's primarily why people are pouncing on you at every opportunity they get, because you APPEAR to be one. Even if you aren't one, just try not to come off as one.

    LOL I dunno how to make a video viral hahaha I think it starts off with people just sharing it around? I know Lolsmith wanted to share it on 4chan or something...
    And I doubt that the world will actually look at you in an unbiased manner either, unfortunately.
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