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  • Yeah there is bias when people are judging your video, definitely.

    Well society won't really yell "ATTENTION SEEKER" if you came off being humble in the first place. And what's wrong with being an attention seeker? Answer that yourself lol, and that's primarily why people are pouncing on you at every opportunity they get, because you APPEAR to be one. Even if you aren't one, just try not to come off as one.

    LOL I dunno how to make a video viral hahaha I think it starts off with people just sharing it around? I know Lolsmith wanted to share it on 4chan or something...
    And I doubt that the world will actually look at you in an unbiased manner either, unfortunately.
    Of course it's a harmless video, but some nutjobs on here just might help it go viral, and you might have the entire world on your back (see "My Video For Briona", that video is horrible though). You never know really. You post enough stuff to attract attention, but all you get is hate. Don't you get tired of this?

    And yet you continue.

    I can't help but hate you and feel sorry for you at the same time. And your voices aren't too bad, wayy better than mine, but I'm not going to complement you as you might make another video and attract more cyberbullying.

    Do yourself a favour and stop. If you're confident in your abilities, why do you need others' approval and attention?

    And yes, I did delete my replies in that thread, cos they were harsh.
    This may sound weird but English is one of my favourite subjects :)
    Since I do MX2, Chem and Phys; English is the only non-scientific subject so I really enjoy it.
    I thought English requires a lot of memorisation (Which can get you the marks if you learn how to adapt your essays effectively) but it actually requires intelligence and hard work IMO.
    I am aiming for 99.95 but to be honest I will be very happy with 99+! In spite of the fact that I want to do medicine at UNSW or USYD, if I don't make it in I will be perfectly happy with PhB at ANU, Engineering, or any of those cool degrees!
    Good luck with the HSC :)
    That is cool man.
    I will probably try to join Mensa after the HSC. Now I am extremely busy with maths, science and english.
    What marks/course are you aiming for?
    Dont forget, we are volunteers and sometimes certain people might not be available for a period of time.
    The thread is being handled by Absolutezero and Brent012 at the moment, so I can't get involved at this point. You will just have to wait for them to respond.
    Hey you don't know me very well but I heard you are very strong at maths...
    Do you have any advice for me for my Math ext 2 assessment, the topics are complex numbers and integration
    I have already studied (of course) but we were told that it would be very hard... what advice/steps/techniques do you think I need to smash the paper... 80+ being apparently a very good mark? :) Thanks
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