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    2k14 UMAT results + General Discussions

    last year 39 percentile.. now, 55, 68, 71 and 95 percentile
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    What happens if 1st internally ranked does poorly in externals?

    The girl coming 1st in physics internally always used to take a day off on the assessment day, and then used to try and cheat and find out what the questions were in the exams. :( She is doing well, but no one is suspecting her. Her raw assessment mark is 92 ~ ish so if she does poorly in hsc...
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    UWS Medicine - employment prospects?

    Do you think that UWS medicine Graduates have lower employment prospects than UNSW/USYD graduates because they are more prestigious? Does UWS offer courses through which you can specialise in a certain medical field? Much thanks
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    CSSA Trials: 3U Maths thoughts

    guys stop cheating. we know your trix ;)
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    band 4, 5 and band 6 cut off marks for the hsc subjects

    Band 2 cutoff 20 raw. Band 3 cut off 38 raw, Band 4 cut off 50 raw
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    Trials are now over! Looking forward to formal :$

    sozz bebz, will top 200 do? Aren't you the ruse one here...
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    What's illuminati?

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    How to study from now to hsc help! :)

    4unit Maths, chem, phys, eco, advanced English. Accelerated business last year
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    How to study from now to hsc help! :)

    How should I be studying from now until hsc to maximise my results? I am aiming for 99.6+ and am relying on my externals to pull up my marks, especially for English :( Is there advice from past students like specifically on how to maximise the efficiency of study from now to the exams? Do you...
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    Should I change schools?

    I'm not gonna read that. At least write it in small paragraphs. But yes move schools. Live life with no regrets
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    What's illuminati?

    nah im too sec C for that
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    What's illuminati?

    You guys are seriously brainwashed. The illuminati is real. I have a lot of evidence that it is. Just scroll through the thread, research yourself. Otherwise be lazy and get brainwashed like a shitcnt. I believe in reptile contacts for eyes, like the singers wear to look like animals. But lizard...
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    Trials are now over! Looking forward to formal :$

    hahaha plot twist: I am MrTammoth