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  1. mecramarathon

    Upper North Shore Tutoring: 99.95, State #1 Chem 2011, Med/UMAT

    Just out of curiosity Why UNSW med over USYD combined med?
  2. mecramarathon

    whether to repeat year 12? Please Help

    2 people in my year repeated, their ATARs did improve, but not significantly whereas a number of people in my year (with ATARs in 70s/80s) did general degrees e.g. B Arts, B Science got C/D/HD average and transferred into law, engineering, commerce etc. at USYD/UNSW
  3. mecramarathon

    Science prac tests

    for chemistry, learn to titrate with precision the slightest mistake can cost you a lot of marks, also learn to make the perfect graph with line of best fit and correct x,y labels always use a simple one line conclusion that relates to your aim also be wary of the resources they give you in...
  4. mecramarathon

    To print or not to print

    I find 15 pages for each module is extensive Print them double sided as well
  5. mecramarathon

    "Student challenges ruling on her HSC"

    ^carpal tunnel syndrome?
  6. mecramarathon

    Why do people want to do Medicine?! Calling out 2012ers and 2013ers!

    If you are doing medicine solely for the money you will be disappointed
  7. mecramarathon

    teachers contributing to stress. discuss.

    you'll be in a shock for uni its all independence and self-motivation
  8. mecramarathon

    How many pages should you write for Advanced and Extension English essay q's?

    850 - 1100 is pretty decent thread reminds me of my dodgy english teacher who praised me for writing the most number of pages ... "everyone you have to fill all the lines in the booklets given if you want band 6" :/
  9. mecramarathon

    University Course

    UAC guide look at this Jan main round cut offs as a guide for your year plz do not refer to good universities guide =.=
  10. mecramarathon

    how screwed am i? atar estimate

    looks to be in the 40s the hsc isn't the be end and end all of your tertiary life :D
  11. mecramarathon

    Most accurate ATAR calculator?

    most of the time its accurate within +/- 0.25.
  12. mecramarathon

    Why does it say Band 4 when i got an 81?

    the band is determined by overall mark not exam mark
  13. mecramarathon

    When do teachers get our results?

    principal will receive them this morning on his computer but they don't know ya ATARs
  14. mecramarathon

    When do school rankings come out?

    check tomorrow's newspaper
  15. mecramarathon

    HSC Results- Anyone else nervous AND excited?

    ^ the ATAR fever (i.e. "whaddyaget!?") pretty much dies b4 the new year 1 years time in uni you'll laugh it off